Berrisom Lip Tint Pack

Staying at home can make your pocket burnt a hole too! Was window shopping in Qoo10 the other day and saw this lip tattoo on promo///



Tattoo??? I haven really seen a lip color that can really last u that long time! So outta curiosity, I bought one to try! S$6 nia.. can try la!

Yes, upon receiving my package, I tried it immediately!!

Like what it promise, it’s really long lasting and NO touch up required even after lunch!! Yes, Berrisom Lip Tint Pack is a 12 hour long lasting lip tattoo! Doesn’t smudge! Doesn’t stain your teeth!

But you will have to be careful when applying else your lips may look outta shape!


It’s like fresh blood, with perfume one.. It may look runny here but it’s quite sticky when applied on lips..Kinda difficult to glide through at one go nicely..

IMG_4423 IMG_4424

This is my first application.. I read reviews saying that you have to apply a reasonably thick layer in order to achieve more obvious tone.. So here’s my sexy red lips! I would advise you guys to apply the lip tint nicely (not jaggy) because it will affect the result when you peel if off later – you wouldn’t want jaggy lip color.. It’s is very sticky so apply it nicely at one go is gonna take a bit of practice..

If you have chapped lips, like me, I think will be good if you can heal your chapped lips first before doing this. WHY?? because this tint can give your lips quite a fair bit of tingling sensation.. If you’re those 爱美不要命 kind of girl, then go ahead to try it out. The tingling feeling is consider bearable but kinda irritating. When it’s drying up, the feeling will be gone eventually and you will start to feel a bit difficult to talk! LOL..

Dun worry, you just need to leave this tint on for 5-10 mins and you will see it’s drying up..


This is a bit gross BUT to show you that how you know it’s ready we have to go through this… (LOL)

See the side of the lips? It will kinda look like peeling off already.. hence all u need to do is just put it off (like your peel off mask la!)

IMG_4426  IMG_4428

See the color??! It really stays leh!! I’m pretty amazed!

IMG_4432 IMG_4433

Final result is AWESOME!!! I have natural healthy looking red lip!

IMG_4434 IMG_4435

IMG_4437 IMG_4436

No matter how hard I rub, it doesn’t smudge!!!! I tried wiping with a tissue, it doesn’t come off too but did stain the tissue a bit though,considering I was rubbing it REAL HARD and only that amount came off! Maybe water will wash it off?? NO it did not too!! WAH this is totally like magic!!

I tried this lip tattoo at night and guess what.. I woke up with my lips red too (should be red right? I didn’t talk, did not eat, why will it not be red).. So are you now worrying how to remove it since it’s so stubborn??

Chillax! Just like what it claims, it only stay for 12 hours. By the time i’m halfway through my work, my lip tattoo is almost gone.. I applied on Tue 8pm and it lasted till Wed about 10am? That’s more than 12 hours right?

And did I not tell you about this lip tint pack smell GOOD too!!? Not those floral scent of baby powder scent.. It’s like perfume seriously! And after talking for soo long I realize I haven’t tell you what color is this?? I bought Vivid Scarlet, said to be one of the new color among the collection.

The other colors I bought are Lovely Peach & Sexy Red..

IMG_6927 IMG_6928Shall show you the color on my lip some other day!!



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