Skin Shape Club – Skin Shaper Plus Program Review


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I was given a chance to enjoy 4 sessions of Skin Shape Club’s Skin Shaper Facial last month and it turn out better than I expected! But before going into details of my facial, how many of you actually heard of Skin Shape Club?


Skin Shape Club is founded as a boutique aesthetics medispa to allow its members to learn more about beauty & wellness and conveniently receive doctor-attested skin and slimming treatments that keep you in shape. We offer a complete solution, from consultation to assessment to recommendation to treatment. Every customer will receive their personalised treatment plan and a body profile card!


We believe it is important to understand your needs and beauty wellness goals first, and then fully explain our process for treatments, which are all non-invasive and allow you to continue your normal activities with no downtime.


Our R&D team works with doctors and dermal experts from overseas and local to design treatments and programs which can be done daily, weekly and monthly. Treatment duration falls between 30mins to 1hr, highly suitable for people who has limited time yet wish to be well-groomed. Our aestheticians are professionally-trained and regularly being tested to ensure they provide optimal care during treatment procedures.


As said, we offer complete solution keep you in shape. Looking good is not just from the outside, we take care of your “inside” too! After treatments, you can enjoy delicious healthy snacks in our Members’ lounge. We serve food and drinks that give you vitamins and minerals. Every Tuesday, we give out free fruits to anyone who drop by with their business cards. While savouring your food, you can browse our collections of wellness /skincare books and magazines to learn more about health and beauty. Complimentary Wi-Fi for all members and exclusive invitations to workshops and talks we organised throughout the year.

You know what are the key things I see in the above message?? They value & care for their customers/members! They will not only take care of your outside but inside too! That’s pretty interesting for me! (Another perks, FREE WIFI!!)

Even if you’re not customer, they will take care of you too! Every Tuesdays, they give you free fruits when you drop your business card with them!! Who does that?? ❤ ❤

Now back to my facial!

Beautiful, healthy looking skin radiates health and well-being, youth and vitality. But sometimes, nature needs a little help to bring your inner beauty out. Whether it’s wrinkles, acne or pigmentation, Skin Shaper Plus Program delivers with noticeable results, comfortable treatments and unmatched safety.

  • No Downtime – non-invasive, non-abrasive treatments for walk-in, walk-out convenience
  • Gentle Treatment – advanced technology keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Discreet – with no intense side-effects, no one knows unless you want them to
  • Fast Treatment – only 30mins, highly suitable for lunch time beauty fix

Skin Shaper Facial 30mins – combining light and heat energy, this treatment offers you younger, healthier looking skin. This facial program is designed by medical and dermal experts from overseas and locals using trademark registered LHE® technology (Light & Heat Energy) for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance. With 3in1 skincare treatment, you can walk-in walk-out the Skin Shape Club looking better and confident. Great for sensitive and Asian skin too!

You can read more about this facial treatment HERE! In short, this treatment uses light and heat energy to make you beautiful and there’s no pain at all!

I’m pretty excited now and can’t wait to see result! Lightened pigmentation, less wrinkles!! Woohooo! But first thing first.. I always get lost in Orchard Central! Hence I need to locate Skin Shape Club first!

Actually, it wasn’t that bad… Just take the lift, turn left. go straight..

IMG_6501 IMG_6502 And ta-daaaa… See it at the far end??

IMG_6503It’s at a very cosy corner hence good for customer who like privacy!

If you drive, even better! Carpark lift is just next to it!

IMG_6504 IMG_6505 IMG_6508 IMG_6515

I booked my appointment on a weekday evening so that I can go relax after work!!

IMG_6510 IMG_6511

While waiting for my beauty consultant, I have no time to waste.. there are products on display where I can check it out!

FYI, these essence are actually their own brand/product..!

IMG_6509IMG_6506 IMG_6513

Audrey greeted me at the entrance and as there was another customer, I had to wait a while before she can attend to me (that’s why I have some waiting time to spare! LOL~).

Anyway, that’s beside the point. Shortly after, Audrey brought me to the consultation room to fill in a form and started my consultation!


Audrey briefed me through the treatment process and showed me some before & after pictures of customers with acnes/pigment/wrinkle problems.. I’m impressed with how they actually treat acne problem in such short time..!

Through our conversation (and Audrey’s observation), she knows that I don’t sleep early (not that late too actually) and she told me that this treatment can actually lightened my dark eye circle.. Though dark eye circle wasn’t my main concern but it’s one of the problem I have too.. So out of curiosity, I probed some questions but struck me most is….

Me: “How many treatment would it takes to see result (lightened dark eye circle)?”

Her: “Immediate”

Me: O_O REALLY?! *secretly feeling happy*


IMG_6516 IMG_6517

Although the Club is small but I think they played well with the space. After the consultation, I was asked to stand on this machine u see in the above image.

It’s a body analyzer. It measure your weight, body fat, body age, this machine is a monster!! >_<!!

SEE!!.. I’m actually a old woman in a young body!! (T_T) (machine printed copy wasn’t given to me but glad we have this lil profile card!)


So here’s my treatment room. Pretty spacious. Understand from Audrey that this is usually the room they use for any body treatment (Yes, they do slimming too! But too bad, I’m not sponsored for that!)

I didn’t really change into anything special because there only a brown robe and feels funny to take off everything and wear a robe for facial. LOL!



Now that I’m lying on the bed (warmer bed!!) I’m pretty nervous!! What machine would they be using for the Light & Heat Energy treatment!!! *shivers*

IMG_6843  IMG_6844 IMG_6845

Looks like a harmless thingy ya??

We started with a double cleanse then toner was applied on my face before we start using the LHE machine.

We started the treatment around my eye areas first (remember i have dark eye circle??) and despite several reminder about how BRIGHT it will be when the treatment (light pulse) starts, I still got a shock almost every time!! LOL!! It’s like somebody putting a touch light on your eyes and suddenly turn it on and off quickly twice – a super bright touch light that is… As for the heat part, it’s not scorching hot but you can still feel the pinch of heat on your face. Bearable for me.


(See that light!?!!)

I didn’t have to worry about anything during the treatment because The beautician here will be constantly telling me what we’re going through and prepare for next step.
Very soon, we’re at the last part of the LHE treatment whereby a consecutive 10 shots of light will be shot around your face. THIS IS BRIGHT TOO! When I open my eyes, all I can see is stars~ LOL..But just for the few seconds la..

AftER that will be serum and clay mask time – more like NAP TIME!! i napped for about 15-20 mins and the beautician is back to washed off my mask and applied skincare for me and she left me to get change.

Side note: I upgrade my session to SKIN SHAPER PLUS on my 2nd visit and I’m loving it!! The massage was so heavenly!!

NOW is best time to check out the result!! I quickly pull out the mirror and check out my skin! I’m speechless..

Let me show youuuu..


Image on the left is before and on the right is obviously after! I took my own picture so pardon those unglam double chin and so not professional angle!!! (LOL!!)

I can see that not only my dark eye circle has lightened, my freckles seems to have lightened too in just one session! My overall complexion has brighten quite a bit and I look more radiance!!

I GLOW~! I have to hashtag #NOFILTER!!!

After 3 days, my skin still feels smooth! Applying makeup was easy and my makeup stays longer!

Skin Shaper Facial is a gentle yet result-oriented treatment that incorporate FDA-approved LHE technology into its treatment procedure. It is suitable for most skin types and skin tone. Those with very dark skin will have to be consulted before proceeding with treatment so that they can adjust the treatment procedures and settings according to your skin conditions / tone for safe and best results.

The possibility of complications is minimal. Slight redness may be observed immediately after treatment due to the dermal layer being warm up but this only lasts for a few hours. You can continue with your daily routine immediately after treatment.

After treatment, it is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure and oily/alcohol based products for 48hours. Remember always to apply moisturizer and sunblock regularly..

Skin Shaper Facial is priced at $120 for 30mins. New customer can enjoy 4 sessions at trial price of $96 ($24/session).

Skin Shaper Plus Facial is priced at $160 for 60mins. New customer can enjoy 4 sessions at trial price of $128 ($32/session). Skin Shaper Plus include exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and serum-infused facial massage for better penetration and enhance treatment results!

I highly recommend you to try Skin Shaper Plus facial if you have time! Else Skin Shaper Facial works fine too!

The Skin Shaper Facial is definitely a quick fix for ladies who are always on the go! 30 mins to regain beauty! What more can you ask for!? Drop by during lunch or break, you don’t even have to worry about going back to office empty stomach!

Check out their member’s lounge!!

*pulling curtain*

IMG_6855 IMG_6858Not bad right!!? It’s a very cozy corner plus they have drink and lil snacks for u too!

However I think the main snacks that they serve is good enough!!

IMG_6850 IMG_6851
(Mommy say cannot waste food!… Plus they were so yummy!)


This is a very good concept and with the awesome facial I believe you will like it too!!


181 Orchard Road #03-13/14 Orchard Central (S) 238896

+65 6589 8331

Facebook | Instagram


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample StoreSkin Shape Club 


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