FUN TEST #519: Are you proactive/initiate enough?

今天的小測驗是 『你的個性夠主動嗎?』

Qn: When you can’t sleep, what will you do?

A – Get a beer from the fridge and drink it.

B – get up and do some exercise.

C – Listen to some music.

D – force yourself to sleep.


A. 你是個沒什麼自信的人,平常有依賴他人的習慣,一遇到挫折,第一個想法就是找人幫忙,永遠不會獨自去面對困難、積極把問題解決。(Translate: Lack of confident, depend on others too much. When in trouble, always asked for help and never try to solve it yourself.

B. 你屬於積極主動型的人,滿獨立的,能夠勇敢的朝目標邁進,很有進取心,也有解決難題的能力。(Translate: You are very proactive & independent Always moving towards your goal bravely and able to resolve problem on your own..

C. 你個性較冷靜,不會因衝動而闖禍。由於性格較為自我,遇到問題不太會去求別人。相對的,也不會主動去幫忙別人,算是「自己顧自己」的類型。(Translate: You are very clear minded. Will never get into trouble for being impulse. You are pretty self centered, you will hardly approached people for help. On the other hand, you will not offer to help others too.

D. 你這種人遇到難題的時候,大部分會順其自然、什麼也不做。在感情上也不會去主動追求別人,只會等待對方自己上門。(Translate: Let nature take its place. You will never initiate or make the first move in a relationship. Passive!)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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