Oriental House Restaurant

I have been wanting to try something different. Something that’s neither Chinese, Western, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indian nor Indonesian cuisine.

And here I am…. My first experience of Burmese cuisine at Oriental House!! Oriental House is located at Peninsular Plaza B1, a lil restaurant inside the food court!! I heard that it’s usually crowded during the weekend!! So do drop by early if you’re interested to try too!

Location: 111 North Bridge Road #B1-07 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

Contact: 63380315/63385610

To start off, we ordered one of their must-try!

IMG_4468 IMG_4469

IMG_4458 IMG_4462


If your friends are gonna be late, it is advisable that you order this in advance! You need to wait at least 20 mins for dish!! BUT IT’S ALL WORTH IT!!

It’s similar to our Teochew style steam fish – sour plum clear (limited) soup.. Their’s A WHOLE BOWL of soup!! The fish is fresh and the soup is super appetizing!! I think I can finish the fish by myself!

I have a friend who’s really picky when it comes to eating fish (she doesn’t like fish with fishy taste)and guess what?? She likes this!! I’m sure you won’t regret ordering this!!

We wanted to order Crab Huyaung but… not available! One of the dish that was strongly recommended too!!

IMG_5257 IMG_4470

Tell me if it’s good if you ever try it ok!!

Next up, something to interesting!?

IMG_4474 IMG_4463

This is really interesting!

White fungus with green pepper and tomatoes strips.. and some other ingredient which I can’t tell what is it! It’s a refreshing dish and you just can’t stop eating! LOL. the Burmese kinda salad!

After something refreshing, how about something heaty now..



Deep fried eel… If they hadn’t told me it’s eel, I seriously can’t tell it is EEL! I thought is some calamari or… hmm.. Anyway, not sure you can tell, but this dish doesn’t only have fried eel, it has fried lil onions too! The onion taste sweet! It can actually helps to blend off that oily taste when you had too much of it..

Now for one of my favourite (other than the fish).. Chicken Kebab! No…… I mean Kabat!

IMG_4472 IMG_4464

This is like those chinese style stir-fry chicken but this is better! If you can get used to the strong fragrance, I think you’ll like this. The sauce is not like a typical sauce you can find in any chinese restaurant. Like satay sauce but with a mild spiciness in it..Total good match with the chicken!

After so much meat, why not some vegetable?

IMG_4475 IMG_4467

Come to think of it.. Actually these dishes are pretty similar to chinese cuisine isn’t it!?? Yes, in fact, this is a Burmese-Chinese food.

Ok, back to the vegetable. After eating above dishes, all I can only say, Burmese food are pretty flavorful.. This dish may be simple but it’s a good dish to go with rice!! What can goes wrong with mushroom you tell me??

To end our dinner, We ordered some dessert to share.. since it’s a Burmese cuisine, of course we have to order something different!

IMG_4476 IMG_4478

WAIT – Faludah is only available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Hence we didn’t get to try….



Fortunately, there’s Shweyinaye!!

I am lost of words when I try this… I.. I had so much struggle savoury sweet dessert!???

Love it or hate it! Those sagos are sweet!!! But with savoury coconut jelly!? what? How?? There’s a lil white bread soaked in it too.. 😕

I thought the bread was a spoiler at first.. Hesitated for a few seconds if I wana take the first bite.. hmm okie, be advanturous right!!? I took my first bite. WELL… Not too bad! Actually after a few more spoon, this desert actually taste quite nice! At least it’s not sickening sweet!

I will definitely be there again! Not only the fish is an addiction, Oriental House does not charge GST & service charge..!

Check out their Facebook if you’re keen to find out more!!



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