FUN TEST #517: You won’t fall for which kinda guys

今天要測的測驗是  –  『妳不可能喜歡上那類型的男生?』


Qn: 4 man confess to you, which of the follow do you not want to hear?

A – I wrote this song just for you.

B – These 100 roses represent my love for you.

C – Hope you like this diamond ring.

D – I can die for you.


妳最不喜歡的男生,是那種只想耍嘴皮子來打動別人,而不實際付諸行動的人。對於花花公子型的男人有絕對的免疫力!(Translate: You dislike guys who sweet talk. You have strong resistance to play boy!)

妳是個很實際的人,最討厭的男生就是那種不踏實的男人!話說回來,妳常給人不懂情調的感覺。(Translation: You are very practical. Dislike guys who are not down to earth. Often let people feel that you are not romantic.)

妳最痛恨那種用錢來收買女人的男人,妳認爲愛情應該是無價的,動不動就提錢的男人,根本就是不懂愛情的動物!(Translation: You dislike man who use money to buy (bribe) woman. You feel that true love is priceless. Man who keeps talking about money knows no love.)

妳最討厭那種把死在嘴上的男人,這會讓妳覺得壓力很大,妳也認爲一個會為愛犧牲自己性命的男人,根本是個沒用的男人。(Translation: You dislike guys who keep talking about death. This makes you feel stressful and you feels that a man who die for love is a useless man.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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