Ettang Rubber Mask

rubber duck

NO.. Not Rubber Duck~! It’s Rubber Mask!!

Today, I’m gonna show you a mask that we can hardly find in any personal store in the market!! It’s… *drumroll*


Usually, when you go for a facial, what do you enjoy most? For me, I enjoy the accu-point face massage and mask session the most. However, the mask have to be rubber mask – warm one even better! I don’t like salon using sheet mask, it’s like I paid for a facial and you’re only using a mask I can buy from personal care store!? I can do this at home man!

Oh but wait!!! Looks like we can do rubber mask at home now – if you don’t mind the slight messiness~

While window shopping on Qoo10 some time back, I saw this interesting thumbnail and decided to “walk” into the store and see what are they selling!!

Disclaimer: this is not image I saw the other time.. They had repackaged hence image is now different





RUBBER MASK wor!!! I really wonder are these the kinda rubber mask that salon used?? Seems so cheap to be true leh!!


Curiosity kills a cat. I bought 3 to try out!! As I didn’t prepare to do a post on this previously, I did not take any pictures!! All I know is that, it’s good!! that’s why I bought another 8 when I saw it on promo again!! This time in the new packaging!! If you buy eight, it comes in this cute take-out box.



And here’s my 8 packs!!

IMG_5264 IMG_5265

But before I show you more.. Perhaps I should share with you the flavours they have and each of the benefits/effects!!

IMG_4604 IMG_4605IMG_4606

It comes in 10 different awesome flavours! (So weird to say “flavour” here because this ain’t food! :?) and not forgetting, it has 3-free!


Most importantly, it’s not complicated to use! All you need is add water – normal tap water is good enough! No need to be warm or cold water.


Pretty easy isn’t it? So this is how my mask looks like after mixing with water..

IMG_5279 IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5283 IMG_5286 IMG_5287

I don’t know what they means by “put water 1/2 degree” so I just jolly well assume is just add water to fill half the container. Temperature of water? Like I said earlier, normal tap water temperature is fine.. 😀 Easy right!? No need to specially boil water and let it cool till “warm” temperature nor even have to chill your water.

However, do note that this mask gets cloggy easily so you have to be kinda fast to apply it onto your face before it gets dry/harden.. (like below~! T_T)

IMG_5298 IMG_5299

If you’re worried if the mask will smell weird because it’s RUBBER mask.. You don’t have to! It doesn’t have any weird rubber smell! All I can smell is mild peppermint, you won’t even realise if you didn’t pay any attention.

Now for the most unglam images of myself with my rubber mask…


This is the texture of the mask for the first few minutes. I apply them pretty slowly & carefully so as not to drip on my shirt. Then I start to dilly-dally, snap pictures here and there and suddenly to my horror…. MY MASK IS DRYING UP!!



As you can seeeeeee… the mask  at bottom of my cheek turns out to be sooo rough!!!! Can hardly stay on my face because it has kinda dry up!! Argg…



So here’s the whole look! When you have enough time to do it slowly, the mask looks smooth and nice.. then when it’s drying up and you realised don’t have enough time anymore, you just have to force it to stick onto your face – rough job!!

Better luck next time for apply my rubber mask!! Hpmf~! During the whole masking session, other than this lil hiccup, I quite enjoy the cooling effect it gives (it’s peppermint mask you see..)! Skin feels so relax, refreshing and hydrating!

About 15-20 mins later, you can just peel it off!! Clean and easy!

From above image, you can still see slight dampness on the (interior) of the mask.. 


On the exterior, it’s already dry…

Peeling off this mask is a piece of cake. It leaves no messy residue and your skin feels really smooth & supple after that! Aaaw, now I wana buy more!!


If you had previously bought the old packaging mask before, you will know that the packaging kinda sucks. The mask powder gets all over the place if the lid is not closed properly!

IMG_5272 IMG_5271 IMG_5273

After the repackaging, all the mask now comes with a safety seal! No worries even when the lid open! 😉



I would recommend this mask to all mask lovers!! Especially those who do not like wash-off kind!! It just take one time to fall in love with it!

Click HERE to go to COCOMO on Qoo10 directly!!

Seee ya!




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