Promo Code to Shop this GSS

Who doesn’t love JUNE!??

Students definitely look forward to June school holidays and adults?

**drumroooooool**  …GREAT SINGAPORE SALE OF COURSE!!

Everywhere is having GSS SALE now!! THE BEST TIME TO SAVE!!!! From skincare, cosmetic, food, clothes, accessories….EVERYTHING!!

The purpose of today’s post is to share with you a UNIQUE PROMO CODE for you to do shopping!! Shop for gemstones like opal, howlite, sandstone, agate, tiger’s eye, hematite, jadeite!!

YES, you might have guessed it.. I’m referring to THE ONYXE!!

THE ONYXE use only premium natural stones for their bracelets! These stones have their own unique elements (check out HERE for more details) to make you feel better in many ways! You will not only feel good wearing THE ONYXE bracelet, you will look modish too!

IMG_5074 IMG_5069

This is my mom’s bracelet from THE ONYXE with slight customization.. Looks good right!!? I can’t help but to keep borrowing it from my mom to have another glance every other day!!

You must be thinking why can’t I just keep it for myself?? NO I CAN’T (anymore).. My mom requested me to send back the bracelet to change the size because she feels that it’s a bit loose.. So I did! After the change, I can’t borrow to wear it anymore..It’s all hers now! No more sharing…  😥

And in case you’re wondering.. THE ONYXE can restring the bracelet for you at no extra charge if size doesn’t fit!! Only postage back is on buyer!

Anyway, I want to keep this post short!! You can check out my previous post HERE if you would like to read more about my mom’s bracelet!!


THE ONYXE is giving readers a 15% OFF STOREWIDE!!

To enjoy this AWESOME DISCOUNT, just enter “ONYXETEMPTED2LOVE” during checkout and TA-DAAAA (!!!) , 15% OFF STOREWIDE right away!! Not only you saved 15% on your bracelet, you can save on local shipping too because THE ONYXE offers FREE local normal mail!!!

If you’re not staying in Singapore, FRET NOT!! THE ONYXE ships international too! Beauty has no boundaries isn’t it~!!!


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:



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