FUN TEST #516: Will you endure idiots?

又到了小小測驗時間  –  來測測『你會忍耐白目的人嗎?』

Qn: You participated in a “Happy Family Plan” competition hoping to win one million dollars. Whic of the following test will you accetp?

A – Eat 100 nos. of chillies

B – 10,000 pcs super big puzzle

C – Break concrete slab with on hand

D – Swallow 200 raw eggs

E – Bungee jump 80 times


A 「愛就是殺了他」:白目容忍指數20﹪。

(Translate: 「Love him is to kill him」:Endurance level 20%. Hot tempered person like you feels like killing all idiots around you!)


B 「愛就是包容他」:白目容忍指數99﹪。

(Translate: 「Love him is to endure him」:Endurance level 99%. You are kind and feels that it’s all fate. You’re delicate and have a heart of gold. You will stand in the shoes of an idiot and think for him.)

C 「愛就是想扁他」:白目仔容忍指數40﹪。

(Translate: 「Love him is to hit him」:Endurance level 40%. You are very self-demanding and wana beat up those idiots. You will always do your part but when met an idiot, you’ll lose patient.)

D 「愛就是教導他」:白目容忍指數80﹪。

(Translate: 「Love him is to guide him」:Endurance level 80%. You are a good teacher, willing to teach an idiot not to be an idiot. You feel that as long as you talk nicely to him, he will grow up one day and regret for being an idiot.)

E 「愛就是不理他」:白目容忍指數55﹪。

(Translate: 「Love him is to ignore him」:Endurance level 55%. You wouldn’t want to waste time. If he wants to be an idiot, by all means. You take it easy and do what you think you should. As long as the idiot didn’t bother you, he can continue to be his idiot.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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