Nail Vinyls


Nice right?!!! I knew it!!

I have been letting my nails rest for the longest time ever since I change job a year ago!

Recently I saw many pretty nail art which are so easily achieve with nail vinyls and I decided to give it a try.. It’s just paste-paint-peel! No mess at all! However, nail vinyls are not cheap! Starting from USD5 per piece and if I wanna grab a few designs I may end up going on a diet!!

Just when I thought I should find alternative, TwinkledT came up with a awesome promo on 17 May 2015!!



That’s the greatest discount ever, I swear! I’ve been stalking them for promo code ever since I knew about nail vinyls!! LOL.. With this promo code, of course I grab all that my wallet can afford!

And these are my new additions! you can click on the image if you are keen in getting them! I’ve added the hyperlink for your easy reference!!

twinkledt_chevron twinkledt_cyclone twinkledt_mermaid twinkledt_Star twinkledt_love

So far, I have not seen any similar products on Qoo10 or even Taobao!! that’s why I’m totally elated to know that they ship international!! By the way, TwinkledT is from US (California if I’m not wrong).

I’m more excited on trying cyclone so I actually did a simple nail art the night I received it! Wanna see my first try!??

IMG_5157 IMG_5159

** I applied cuticle oil that’s why the oily look.. LOL

If you like the color I used in this nail art, they are:

  • Marc Jacobs – Madame (nude color)
  • Cirque – Stella (rose pink glitters)



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