FUN TEST #515: When in love, which kinda pain you tends to suffer?

今天的測驗是要測測  – 『在感情路上,你容易受什麼傷?』唷!

Qn: You are being chased by a wild animal (as their food) in Africa. Which of the following animal are you most afraid of?

A – A tigress in grass field

B – Wasp in forest

C – Piranha in river


在感情中會容易得到一些皮肉傷。對感情無怨無悔付出的你們,對另外一半凡事都包容體諒,但有時一昧的付出,對方可能覺得你好欺負,你就會受到些皮肉傷。(Translate: When in love, you tend to get flesh wounds (ouch!). You tends to love whole-heartedly and always understanding towards your partner. However, your partner may thinks that you are good to bully and you’ll suffer from flesh wounds)

Seriously, I hope you can read chinese! >_<

在感情中容易受內傷。外表堅強、其實內心脆弱的你,很多事情都一肩扛起,總是裝著沒事,獨自強忍著傷痛,得了內傷。(Translate: When in love, you tends to be more vulnerable to internal injury! You look strong but actually you have a fragile heart. You bear all responsibility and keep everything to yourself. Hence lead to internal injury!)

在感情中你不太容易受傷。感情中會保持理智的你,會衡量彼此愛的誠意,若對方不值得自己付出,你會速戰速決。(Translation: You are not easily hurt in love. You are always clear-minded and measure the love for each other. If partner is not worth your love, you will leave immediately.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english! I thought I’m writing some swordplay translation man!!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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