FUN TEST #514: How Childish Are You?


Qn: If you’re the big bad wolf in the “Three Little Pigs”, in what way do you think you will eat them up?

A – Pretend pig mama’s voice and lure them to open the door.

B – Use a hammer to damage the door.

C – Get into the house secretly from the chimney.

D –  Wait till the piggies are not on their guard and walk into the house on your own.

E. Uses smoke to suffocate the piggies until they fainted.


A 幼稚指數10%【你的心智成熟,可以當別人的心靈導師了】

Translate: Childish level – 10% [You are matured enough to be a spiritual mentor of others] This type of person would use words to further communicate with others, deal with things very patiently and also also to seize humanity.

B 幼稚指數80%【直到被撞到滿頭包,你才知道該長大了】

Translate: Childish level – 80% [You will only grow up when you’ve hurt yourself too much] This type of person looks like big brother/sister on the appearance and seems matured. However the fact is that when you met obstacles, you will just rampage, very naive.

C 幼稚指數55%【你自知已經半大不小,必須學習獨立自主】

Translate: Childish level – 55% [You are neither here nor there, need to learn to be independent] This type of person already understand how to deal with things. In life, they will slowly learn to grow up.

D 幼稚指數2%【你不但不幼稚,而且成熟過了頭,小心未老先衰】

Translate: Childish level – 2% [You’re not only matured but too matured. Careful not to be prematurely senile] This type of person already know the meaning of letting go and will not insist. Hence no matter work or love, they will only use time (wait) to face the problem.

E 幼稚指數99%【你活在童話世界中,幼稚到極點,讓大家都擔心】

Translate: Childish level – 99% [You live in fairy tales, childish to the max, makes people worry] This type of person do things based on their own imagination, do what they wanna do, doesn’t consider about people around them.


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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