FUN TEST #513: How Flirtatious Are You?

快來測今天的小測驗  –  來測測你的花心程度唷~

Qn: News report: A woman killed her boyfriend because of love affair, what do you think she had said to her boyfriend before killing him?

A – I hate you, I wanna kill you!

B – You force me to do this…

C – You let me down!

D –  I love you, I wanna die with you!

E – You can no longer be with that bitch!


其實你很想移情別戀,與另一個異性發生關係,但是卻沒有勇氣這麼做,只流於空想。這並不是你的罪惡感在作祟,而是你太膽小。(Translate: You’ve been wanting to have an affair but doesn’t have the courage to do so. This is not because you are guilty but because you’re too timid)

常把友情當愛情的你,花心程度很低,不過有時也有移情別戀的念頭,然而你並不想背負背叛情人的罪名,所以不會這麼做。(Translate: Very often you treat friendship as love. Hence the chances of you having an affair is low. You do have the thought of having an affair occasionally but because you do not want to bear the betrayal charge, you decided not to do it.)

你的花心程度極低,只要有了愛人,就不會和別的異性交往,更別說發生性關係。這並不是因為你是個專一的人,而是因為你很怕麻煩。(Translate: The possibility of you having an affair is the lowest. Once you have a lover, you will not have an affair, let alone having sex. However, this doesn’t mean you are faithful, you are just afraid of trouble.)

你是個容易見一個愛一個的人,移情別戀和一夜情,對你來說是天經地義的事,而且你也不會有罪惡感。(Translate: You are likely to love after another, having an affair and/or one night stand is a norm and you will not feel guilty!)

你的意志不夠堅定,花心程度滿高的,如果對方熱情的誘惑你,你一定會陷下去,理由還很瞎:因為不好意思拒絕。還好你還有點罪惡感,不會主動去勾引別人。(Translate: You are not firm enough and most likely will have an affair. If someone tries to seduce you, you will surely fall for it for a very lame reason: Because you’re too shy to say no. But good thing is, you will not initiate to seduce others because you will feel guilty.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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