FUN TEST #512: Personality Test

就快上班囉~ 上班前來從突發狀況測你的個性唷!!


Qn: You are on the way to attend an important meeting but stuck in a massive jam, what will you do?

A – Wait patiently and give a call to the other party to inform them the situation.

B – Grumbling non-stop and impatient.

C – Look for other things to do, run through the meeting materials again.

D – Get off the car to check out the situation and decide if need to change transport.


面對突發狀況,你很冷靜,也很有應付的經驗,所以不會太慌張。無論結果如何,你都覺得已經盡力,不會太掛心。(Translate: When facing unexpected situation, you are clear minded and experienced hence will not panic. No matter the outcome, you know you had did your best and will not put it to heart.) 

你是個求好心切的人,要求完美,遇到意外事件總會影響情緒。在意工作的成效,自我要求也很高,有時會帶給自己太大的壓力。(Translate: Your are a perfectionist. When met with unexpected situation, your emotions will be affected. You care greatly about the outcome, set high expectation for yourself hence giving yourself too much stress.)

所有的事都在你的掌控中,即使工作發生狀況,你也能妥善處理。善用時間是你的長處,常能讓危機化為轉機。(Translate: Everything happens as you expected and you can handle them well. Make good use of the time is your forte, often turn crisis into opportunity.)

你是標準的急性子,不會坐在家裡等結果,一定會馬上行動。雖然不是每次都行得通,但已經為自己多開了好幾條出路。(Translate: You are a typical impatient person. You will not sit around to wait for outcome, will act immediately. Although it will not always feasible but had other options ready.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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