FUN TEST #511: Which Kinda Lover Will You Fall For?

今天的小測驗是要測測  –  『你會敗在哪種戀人手裡?』呢~


Qn: If you are a roach, where will you be staying?

A – Wet market.

B – Human’s home.

C – Garbage bin.

D – Cemetry.

E – Sewage pipe.


你會敗在「野蠻情人」的手裡。他的蠻橫不講理,會激起你征服的慾望。你在兩性關係中,屬於男性化的特質,對方如果不聽話,你反而更興奮。(Translate: Brutal Lover. 
His rude and unreasonable, will arouse your desire to conquer him/her. when in a relationship, you belongs to the masculine traits.. If your partner doesn’t obey you, you’ll get more excited.)

你會敗在「體貼情人」的手裡。對方的溫柔體貼,會讓你不知不覺被融化,你在兩性關係中,偏向女性化的特質,很渴望被寵愛以及呵護。(Translate: Considerate Lover. His/her gentle caring will melt your heart. In a relationship, you belongs to the feminine traits. Long to be pampered and loved.)

你會敗在「善變情人」的手裡。對方捉摸不定,你卻喜歡作賤自己,被虐待也甘願。你在兩性關係上,屬於愛情饑渴症候群,對方如果太乖巧,反而不吸引你。(Translate: Fickle Lover. You are willing to degrade yourself for your partner’s uncertainty.. in a relationship, you belongs to love hunger syndrome. If your partner is too obedient, they might not attract you.)

你會敗在「淚眼情人」的手裡。對方脆弱易碎、多愁善感的外表,會讓你忍不住去呵護他。你在兩性關係上屬於成熟型,喜歡扮演父親或母親的角色。(Translate: Teary Lover. Your partner’s weakness, fragile & sentimental look will makes you wanna pamper him/her. In a relationship, you belongs to a mature character, like a father/mother.)

你會敗在「有錢情人」的手裡。他的出手大方,會讓你一時迷惘。你在兩性關係中屬於好奇心很強的,因此很容易被有錢、不一樣生活的人所迷惑。(Translate: Rich lover. He’s very generous and this will sometimes confuse you. In a relationship, you are one with strong curiosity. hence easily curious with a different kinda rich lifestyle.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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