Sunday Market 周日市场

Happy Birthday to me – not today but about a month back! today I’m gonna share my birthday treat with you!! My cousin been wanting to bring me to this new place to had brunch (as a birthday treat).. and finally after all the busy schedules we managed to set and date and makes it happen!

So where are we going?? We’re going to Sunday Market @ 22 Lim Tua Tow Road… WAIT! Hang on~! Isn’t that where The Factory is??? Yes, USED to be.. Unfortunately, The factory had ceased operation and Sunday Market had took over their location! Well.. nuff said! Let’s check out their food!!

IMG_3890 IMG_3892 IMG_3900 IMG_3891

Interior wise, can tell that they had put in some effort.. 🙂  Pretty cozy place.. Although not much choice in their menu but I guess this is a norm with cafe nowadays. They serve quality rather than quantity..

IMG_3893 IMG_3895

It was about 11am and the cafe has quite a bit of customer already (lucky it ain’t full house)..

So what did we ordered?

Smoked Salmon & Cheese ($12.90)


First look I thought it just merely so-so – can’t see what so great about it. When I take my first bite, I was speechless (salmon flying at the back of my head~ like so drama jiang~) LOL!! Nothing can goes wrong with smoked salmon isn’t it! Every bite is so savory and yummy! The cheese was lil cube mixed together in the scramble egg.. Even if you accidentally bite the whole pcs of cheese, you wun feel sick! The scramble egg is good! Not many cafe can do well in this kinda, I call it, Mcdonald scramble egg..! It’s either too runny or too well done. You might think that the smoked salmon looks so pathetic here, just that few bits and pcs and cost you over 10 bucks!? But the fact is every bite you eat will be filled with salmon.. The only thing I don’t like is probably the pile of vegetable by the side – not my favourite. Tomato is still ok but not the best that I had tried.

My aunt is not as adventurous when it comes to food so something simple for her would be this.. French Toast with BBQ Chicken ($12.90)!


The french toast all taste the same to me but the chicken was nice. I only had a bite so can’t really comment much about this. I can only say, both my aunt and cousin like this!

And my cousin had their Tender Loving Care ($15.90).. It’s similar to an american breakfast!


I like their chicken cheese sausage and mini hash brown! You should give it a try tooo!

Basically their Toast menu are pretty savory! Again, other than the “salad” by the side, I love what was served!


Will I go again? I think I will but the location is a bit turn off.. Probably when I craving for their toast again, I will just pop by!



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