FUN TEST #510: What Will You Do When Relationship Met Obstacles?



Qn: Your BFF is going for a trip and decided to leave his/her cat with you. When you brought it home, your family strongly opposed, what would you do?

A – No choice, return the cat to your BFF.

B – Look for other friends to help.

C – Secretly keep it in your room .

D –  If your family opposed, you will move out.


你比較沒主見,容易被別人牽著鼻子走。當你的另一半不被人家接受時,你不太會去極力爭取,讓另一半感到很失望,最後只有分離。(Translate: You are not assertive, easily led by others. If your partner is not accepted by others, you don’t really fight for them. thus your partner feels disappointed and leads to break up)

你是個積極理智的人,事情不到最後關頭,絕不輕言放棄,當你的另一半不被家人接受,你一定會想盡辦法說服他們,最後家人被你感動,而你也獲得幸福!(Translate: You are a rational person, you won’t give up till the last second. When your partner is not accepted by others, you will try your best to convince them. In the end, everyone is convinced and accepted him, you gain happiness.)

你常給人一種不切實際的感覺,主要是你自信心不足。一旦你的另一半遭家人反對時,你會以逃避、拖延的方式來解決,或許有時候這招有效,但可不是最好的方法。(Translate: You often gives an unrealistic feeling , mainly because of your lack of self-confidence. When your partner is being not accepted, you will run away from problem. You may have run away from problem but will not solve it.)

有個性、自我中心的你,總認為自己是對的,另一半被家人反對時你會很抓狂,不顧家人反對也一定要在一起,甚至不惜與家人脫離關係。不過要知道,沒有家人祝福的戀情是很辛苦的喔!(Translate: self-centered, always think that you are right. When your partner is not accepted by others you will go crazy and even cut ties with family. However you must know, a relationship without family’s blessing will be tough.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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