FUN TEST #509: Are You Arrogant?

下午想睡覺了嗎~? 快來做個小測驗  –  測測『別人眼中,你臭不臭屁?』


Qn: When you’re in deep sleep (sweet dream), which of the following you would not want to hear most?

A – Car racing.

B – Construction site working.

C – Neighbor singing karaoke.

D – Noisy market.


你最討厭臭屁的人,覺得光會說大話沒有用。你平日默默耕耘,等到時機成熟,表現出你的潛能,讓所有人都嚇一跳。(Translate: You hate people who are arrogant and only knows how to talk. You wait for opportunity to show your potential and will shock everyone)

你一點也不臭屁,算是悶騷型的。平常時候都悶著,讓別人去出風頭。可是一旦有人拱你出來,你就會使出渾身解數。身邊若是有一些瞭解你的朋友,會幫你把潛在特質發揮出來!(Translate: You are not arrogant, just quiet. You would usually keep quiet and let others enjoy the limelight. However if someone spills your name out, you will also show your potential. If you have friends who knows you, they will help you to show your potential.)

你對好玩的事情都要參一腳,追求表現的機會,你很能帶動氣氛,每次場子都被你炒得很熱,大部分人會覺得和你玩會很HIGH,不過少數人會認為你有點臭屁喔。(Translate: You love to join in the fun and likes to show off. You are also the ice breaker. Some might find you fun loving but some might think that you are arrogant.)

你的觀察力敏銳,能快速掌握環境的氣氛,在適當時機說話、製造笑點,大家都在期待你的下一步時,你又很會吊別人的胃口。算是有本錢的臭屁型。(Translate: Very observant, know what to say under certain circumstances to break the ice and joke around. People often look forward to your next action and yet you decided to not do anything. Very cocky.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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