OH.. that’s a.. mask??

Happy Labour Day!!! 五一劳动节快乐!!

How’s your holiday!? It sure feels good to wake up without an alarm clock, isn’t it!! 自然醒 很爽!

Since it’s a PH today, I shall share some interesting stuff.. You may have tried them before already but I still thought it’s good to share!! Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be a long post because I don’t have much image to share (I didn’t plan for this post..)!

mask (1)

So first .. How many have seen this mask in our local The Face Shop outlet..? I don’t really stepped into one so not surprised if I don’t see them.. I bought this on Qoo10 and thought it will be pretty fun to have a masking session with my mom, like role-play..

Roarrr~~~ 虎妈来了!

(eventually seems like I’m the only one enthusiastic about it.. -__-|| )


This character mask has a nice refreshing citrus scent.. It delivers rich moisture to dry flaky skin with hyaluronic acid & collagen! Formula without 4 additives – mineral oil, sulfate, talc, polyacrylamide)

It doesn’t matter which character you buy, the effect is all the same..

What I think? Other than the interest character, the effect is just.. meh~ Unless you are gonna have a character mask party with your friends, I think you can skip this..

Next up is something that caught me by surprise.. I didn’t expect to open a LACE mask~!! Yes, it’s LACEEEE~~~ (It’s actually written on the packaging but I just didn’t catch that..)


Hey Pinkgo Girl is from Taiwan and from what I understand, this mask is either made from cotton (stretchable lace mask) or apply-pulp fibre (ultra thin mask). Of course I didn’t flew to Taiwan to get this.. I bought it in JB City Square Watson’s.. Bought it just to finish up all my Ringgit.. I didn’t really read what’s on the packaging (it’s all in chinese hence I only glance through to see what i want to see..) just saw that it’s some brightening mask and there it goes into my basket!

I must say I’m pretty impressed with Hey Pinkgo Girl Arbutin Brightening Lifting Lace Mask (Hey! 苹果肌女孩 熊果素美肌蕾丝拉提面膜)! I love mask that comes with that ear loop thingy! It will stay forever in place while i move around doing my chores.. this is probably the first mask that made me feel so sexy wearing it while doing chores!! LOL!!! Did the lifting works, I can’t tell seriously.. but it sure brightens my skin.. My big round face looks brighter and skin feel supple and smooth too!


It comes in many different effect to suit different skin condition.. whitening, hydrating, problem skin.. etc etc.. The one I used is the purple one (2nd row 3rd pcs)..

Will I buy again? YES I WILL and I think you should try it too!!

Do share with me if you have come across/tried any interesting and/or effective mask!! I would love to try them tooo!

世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。(There is no ugly women, only lazy one..)


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