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This is a super duper over due post…! I meant to post this shortly after Christmas but….. too much “to-do” item in my list that I need to complete before this. My bad!

After my office moved, everyday seems to be a tired day after work!! There was once I tried to take a bus home instead of MRT, I tell you, IT WAS TOTAL MADNESS!!! It took me 2 hours to reach home!!! 1hr 30 mins on the bus and 15 min on MRT!!! Never do impromptu action without checking…. Seriously!! Longest bus ride I ever had! -faint- On the bright side, at least I reached home before bed time..

After a month plus of blog-break, I realize my page view has dropped!! >_< Time to end my break and come back to action! First step to working hard, share this over due post with you guys first…!

The beautiful present I got last Christmas for myself!!!


This is none other than my favorite makeup stash – EYELINER!! I can’t do without eyeliner!! My eyes will looks super restless and super annoying! This set of eyeliner is by MARC JACOB BEAUTY! 7 minis cost about $50+/- at Sephora’s Christmas sale!! AND it’s super duper worth every cents!!

The sleek casing.. The fun size gel pencil.. The awesome colours.. Enough to make me go crazy for it.. Not to mention, the 7 amazing colors let you match every dress in your wardrobe perfectly! Perfect for girls who always like to try different colors of eyeliner! I bet you’ll love the colors they put in this lil box too! Feel so proud having it in my bag!

Let’s take a look at the first color…. ^_^


One of my favourite color is this green one – O(Vert)! It’s a shimmery khaki green..

IMG_3473 IMG_3474 IMG_3475 IMG_3476

Pretty safe tone of green, lightly soft blackened green.. I like the fact that it’s a dark color yet able to tell this is not a regular black eyeliner!

Giving you a soft yet enhanced look.. and not forgetting it does have a bit of shimmer (but unable to captured in this image, sorry!)..

Lens: Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi Series) Review


Next is the regular dark brown – Brown(Out)..Although it’s dark brown, it’s not blacken kinda brown.. or I should say it’s like chocolate brown??

IMG_2721 IMG_2722

It’s pretty natural and again, it has shimmer! woohoo!


This color I’ll probably keep for my waterline because I can’t seem to bring out the beauty for light color.. “Sunset” is a frosted light brown.. I can’t help but to think that I’ll look like Son Goku if I have to put this on my upper eyelid.. =X


Another favourite color – Midnight In Paris! This is almost like a teal blue or peacock blue.. And yes, you’ve guessed it! It has shimmer toooo!!

IMG_2691 IMG_2693 IMG_2692 IMG_2694

Nice right!?

Lens: Pinky Paradise’s Sample Lens!


This is Th(Ink) – a shimmery navy blue. Also another favorite of mine (This collection is really a MUST HAVE for eyeliner lovers!! You will hate to missed them!!)

Below image under normal room light..

IMG_2599 IMG_2601

And here’s with flash..

IMG_2603 IMG_2604

It looks a lil purplish blue under flash but no worries because it’s still a blue under normal lighting..

Side track: If you like this lens, head over HERE to find out more.. 🙂

Before I move on… here’s another picture to show you the difference between “Midnight In Paris” and “Th(Ink)”..


(With Flash)


(Without Flash)

They may look similar but Midnight In Paris seems to be a darker tone of blue while Th(Ink) is looks more to purplish blue (more cheery I think)..


Next up is (Plum)age! Like the name suggest, it’s a plum color – PURPLE!

IMG_3930 IMG_3929


I can’t really capture the beauty of this but it is a pretty cool shade of purple!

Last but not least, the all time favourite – Blacquer..


This is just ………black. No shimmer, nothing.

I can’t emphasize more, this collection is really beautiful! I’m so glad I bought them at Sephora! The best Christmas gift I could every buy for myself!!



Besides the beautiful colors, you may want to know that these are gel eyeliner hence application so smooth and damn easy!! PLUS, all these colors are highly pigmented tooo! One (or two) stroke down and it’s as good as done.


That’s not all!! Don’t forget gel-liner has this amazing feature which all girls look for…WATERPROOF!! Singapore is so hot and humid. I’m sure you would not want to look gothic after a walk along Orchard Road (It’s not Halloween yet~) on a Saturday afternoon!

Watery eye girls should be glad to have this too as your eyeliner will stay with you throughout the day not matter how you tears.. LOL..


Not only I put it through the water test, I tried to rub it off using my fingers after running them in tap water.. and I must say.. I’m starting to get worried if these eyeliner will ever come off..?? *raise brow*

You see, water can’t wash it off.. fingers can’t rub it off… It’s like “oh shit!”, I don’t wanna leave it on like this forever man! >_<


So then I used my Biore Micellar Water to remove (my best makeup remover already!) and result…??


It did not lift up my eyeliner fully!! I had to massage in circular motion for a few seconds before they’re gone. Indeed a long lasting eyeliner!

Well, is this consider good or bad?? Hmm, at least I think the long lasting part is one of the best factor. Seldom I will see a “long lasting” makeup last. But this eyeliner did! I like the opaque (pigmented) colors it gives and the smooth application is another reason I will continue to use it too.

Side note: My BFF was commenting below during one of our dinner date and I super glad it made an impression..

“Your eyeliner doesn’t seems to smudge after a whole day ya??”

If you like it too, you can drop by Sephora to check it out..! I’m really really pleased with my purchase!!! <3<3


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