FUN TEST #508: The reason you attract opposite sex



Qn: [During a meet up] How will you response if your ex (who you just broke up recently) told you he/she is attached?

A – Scold him/her.

B – Turn away and walk away.

C – Ask who is the new lover.

D –  Heart broken.

E – Ask why they treat you this way.


你炒飯功夫一流,對異性有致命的吸引力。這類型的人很有佔有慾,想要百分之百擁有,而且會用炒飯來愛對方,如果口碑做出去,會讓異性們非常心動。(Translate: You’re good in bed – deadly attraction. You’re possessive and will use sex as your way to love your partner.)

表示你很聰明、體貼,懂得欣賞異性好的一面,發掘對方的優點,並且會適度讚美對方,讓異性們很開心。(You’re smart, caring and knows how to appreciate the good side of your partner.)

你很會賺錢,簡直像提款機。平常在工作上就是企圖心十足,不喜歡輸的感覺,能在工作上贏得很好的頭銜,是讓異性心動的有錢人。(Translate: You earn a lot, almost like an ATM. You are ambitious and doesn’t like to lose. Your attitude is your weapon)

你乖巧、單純,惹人憐愛。非常善良,一旦談戀愛就會抱著犧牲自己的心情,以對方為主。相處時常忘了自己的存在,讓對方很感動。(Translate: You are simple, adorable and kind. When in love, you make you partner feel valued and loved – your partner is always comes before you. That’s why they love you..


你傳統、認命、有責任感。這類型的人對愛很執著,好不容易愛上一個人,會將所有感情放在這個人身上,開始計畫未來。(Translate: You’re tradition and responsible. You’re persistent in a relationship and never fall for a person easily. But when you do, you put all your love on him/her and plans for the future.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original post grabbed from: OB嚴選


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