FUN TEST #507: Test Your Compassion Level

今天的小小心理測驗是  –  用『恐怖玩具,測試你的同情心』  快來測測看吧~~


Qn: Which of the below toy makes you feel most disgusted?

A – Nose bleed skull.

B – Teddy bear with rotten face.

C – Barbie with popping eyes and long tongue.

D –  Buck teeth Chucky.


你的個性獨立,受不了別人動不動就哭哭啼啼。你覺得無論發生什麼天大的事,都會有辦法解決。每個人要對自己負責,沒什麼好同情的。(Translate: Indepandant personality. Can’t tolerate people who cries easily. Feels that everything has a way to solve and everybody is responsible for their action. No need for sympathy.)

你就是心太軟、情感豐富,聽到感人的故事就會落淚,看到小動物受傷就會難過。只要別人有困難,你一定盡心盡力,簡直可以當選「好人好事代表」了。(Translate: Soft-hearted, emotional, tear easily when hear any touching stories. When lil animal get hurt, you’ll get sad. Whenever people are in trouble, you try your best to help.)

你的同情心拿捏的很好,當有人真正需要你幫忙,你會義不容辭付出,但若是要你幫忙做壞事,你就會抵死不從,很有原則!(Translate: You know when to give a helping hand. You will help if in need but will not help at all if it is up to no good.)

你也是一個有同情心的人,不過要熟人才知道,因為你平時看起來冷冷的、說話很直接,有時傷到別人都不知道。換句話說,你就是嘴硬心軟。(Translate: You look cold and is a straight forward person but people who knows you will know that you are in fact a nice person who will lend a helping hand. have a heart with sympathy but only people who know you knows about this. In another words, fooling relented.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original post grabbed from: OB嚴選


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