FUN TEST #506: How Likely Will You Be Taken Advantage Of?

今天要來測測 你多容易被人佔便宜呢?


Qn: You are peeping at your neighbour who you had a crushed on. What is he doing now that caused you to be in shock?

A – He/She is hiding a body now.

B – He/She’s having an affair with your mom/dad.

C – He/She is peeping at you too.

D –  He/She is removing his/her wig.


A 你被人佔便宜的指數:100%。
你人很好、心太軟,當有人拜託你時,你不知道怎麼拒絕,也不懂得說NO,被人佔便宜是日常便飯的事。(Translate: You’re too kind. You do not know how to reject or say no when people come to you for help. Always being taken advantage of.)

B 你被人佔便宜的指數:99%。
你有大哥、大姐風範,覺得自己很有能力,對朋友很講義氣,正因為這一點,你往往被別人吃定、佔便宜。(Translate: You feel that you’re a big brother/sister and loyal to friends. Because of this, you are always (or rarther most of the time) being taken advantage of.)

C 你被人佔便宜的指數:1%。
你之前碰過很多事情,隨著經驗的累積,會開始把自己保護得很好,別人想佔到你的便宜,是不太可能的。(Translate: You have gained experience from the past and learnt to protect yourself. Hence it’s difficult for others to take advantage of you.)

D 你被人佔便宜的指數:50%。
你覺得人與人之間要互相、公平,相處起來才會比較愉快。換句話說,如果有人佔你便宜,你也會佔回去。(Translate: You feel that everyone should be fair and be treated equally. In another words, it is only fair if you can take advantage of others when they took advantage of you.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original post grabbed from: OB嚴選



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