FUN TEST #505: Are You A Slave To Love?



Qn: If a healthy person ask you to give up your seat to him on the bus, will you…?

A – Ignore the person.

B – Very dissatisfied and ask him why.

C – Argue with the person.

D –  Give up your seat immediately.


A 你是愛情世界中的王。(You’re the king in the world of love)
在你看來,愛情就該給自己帶來快樂,什麼諾言責任,你完全不願意去考慮。你享受的是過程,覺得彼此擁有一瞬間的甜蜜,這就夠了。(Translate: From your point of view, Love should bring happiness. Promises and responsibility is not within your consideration. What you enjoy in a relationship is the process. As long as both party feels happy for the moment, that’s enough)

B 你是愛情專家。(You’re a love expert)
你最重視的是愛情中的樂趣。浪漫的約會、二人在一起的甜甜蜜蜜,不能為了物質的打拼而省略掉。如果要你和對方的親友相處融洽,那你會逃之夭夭,因為這不是你想要的愛情。(Translate: The love you’re looking for is romance love. All you want is for two person to be together and not neglect romance for work/material. If need you to get along with your lover’s relative and friends, you will probably run away because that’s not what you want.) –

C 你是愛情緊張大師。(You are a tension love guru?)
對待愛情,你有些憂心忡忡,總喜歡胡思亂想、自己嚇自己。沒辦法完全放鬆,也很難享受被愛的真正樂趣。你背負著無形的壓力,努力為愛奮鬥,卻忽略了愛情的真正意義。(Translate: You tends to think a lot, get cranky and scare yourself. You can’t relax at all and difficult to enjoy the enjoyment of being in love. You work hard for love but neglected the true meaning of love)

D 你是愛情的奴隸。(You’re a slave for love)
你總覺得緣分不容易,牽手更加難得,所以也容易想太多,稍微一點風吹草動就膽顫心驚。你幾乎沒有享受到幸福,而是把愛情捧在手心上,忙著澄清事實、消除流言。你簡直成了「愛情的奴隸」。(Translate: You feel that love don’t come easy hence tend to think to much. Any trouble will get you start worrying till the cow comes home. You hardly enjoy love as you are always busy clarifying the facts and eliminate rumors. A true blue love slave.)


This is really tough to translate with my limited vocabulary!! But hey, I tried!! If you can’t understand, try copy the text to google translate! LOL..!

Original post grabbed from: OB嚴選


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