FUN TEST #504: Possibility of you being faithless in a relationship

今天的小測驗是  –  『你移情別戀的機率有多高?』呢


Qn: You’re starving but the food served was not the one you ordered. What will you do?

A – Angry and head to another restaurant to get your food.

B – Request them to do it again.

C – Doesn’t matter anymore and starts eating.

D –  Unhappy but still eats it.


一被追求就會恐慌的就是你。你覺得自己又不是個好情人,不適合談戀愛。不過,心裡實在有點高興,該怎麼辦呢…這就是你的心聲。(Translate: You tends to panic when being pursued. You don’t think yourself as a good lover and not suitable to be in a relationship. But you still feel happy about it. What to do? lol..)

你認為要當你戀人要通過標準,只要決定將心給這個人,就會斷絕和其他異性朋友的來往,這就是所謂的專情型哦!(Translate: One have to pass the standard to be your lover. You will sever contacts with all opposite sex when you decide to give one your heart.)

你屬於只要喜歡就好型。雖然也可以說是一個對待自己很誠實的人,但是說難聽一點,不要讓自己到處留情,成為花心的人哦!(Translate: You are those who will live with it as long as you like it/don’t hate it. Although this is consider being honest to yourself but on the other hand, this is also kinda like flirtatious.)

什麼人都好,來者不拒的花心蘿蔔就是你。雖然做你的朋友會覺得你很有趣,可是身為你的情人可就會哭泣啦。(Translate: Anyone can be your lover. Basically, you never reject anyone.. Although your friends find your interesting but your lover will be very upset.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

I think this test was pretty accurate for me.. LOL!!

Original post grabbed from: OB嚴選


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