FUN TEST #502: What’s your (inner) fear?

TGIF Dude!!! Like finally another week ended!!! Today is a special day for me because …. I’m not tell you! LOL!!  Anyway, let do some simple personality test to start our weekend!!

今天的小小心理測驗要來測測  –  “你內心在害怕什麼?”


Qn: God is giving you a super power, what would you like to do most?

A – Get revenge on your enemy, let them get humiliated in public

B – Read one’s mind

C – Guess the correct lottery number

D –  Being invisible


你最害怕沒錢、失業、學歷低,也害怕能力被別人拿來比較。(Translate: You most fear of being poor, jobless, low qualification and being compared with others.)

你最害怕自己的形象,在異性面前破滅,這讓你感到丟臉。(Translate: You most fear of your own image being shattered in front of the opposite sex. This makes you feel humiliated.)

你最害怕外表、身材不優。你非常在意自己的外表,很怕在聚會中,被人發現外型的缺點。(Translate: You most fear of not being good looking on your appearance. You are very concerned about your appearance and afraid that people will see your shortcoming.)

你最害怕沒人愛、遭人排擠。你希望自己在團體中,永遠是大家目光的焦點。(Translate: You most fear of being unloved/outcast. You like to be the center attraction/focus of everyone’s attention)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

How do you find it? True?

Original post grabbed from: OB嚴選


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