FUN TEST #501: Getting along with your partner?

今天的西凜測驗要來  –  “從寶藏看你跟伴侶的相處”唷!


Qn: God gave you a chest of treasure, where would you hide it?

A – River

B – A small pond under the waterfall

C – Volcano (Crater)

D –  Deep in a cave

E – Under a tree


沒有人想得到,你會把東西藏在這,甚至時間久了,連你自己也忘記曾把寶藏藏在此地。這代表你在跟伴侶相處時,過份保護自己、總愛把事物獨佔,沒有想過世上有分享這回事。(Translate: Nobody would expect you to hide your treasure here. You’ll forget about the existence of this treasure as time goes by. This means that you are over protective towards yourself, possessive and never thought of sharing.)

水可以迷惑人家的視線。對伴侶來說,你是一個難以捉摸的人,你也不太想讓對方清楚的認識你。其實你的防衛心沒有那麼強,只是不知如何去表達自己。(Translate: Water can confused people’s attention. You’re an elusive person and do not wish your partner to understand you too much. You are not a defensive person, just do not know how to express yourself.)

你是那種一有念頭就立刻行動,懶得花幾秒時間去想的人。在感情上浪漫過頭、拖著情人去淋雨、或是颱風天到海邊看大浪,就是你這種人。(Translate: You’re an impulsive person who doesn’t like to waste time thinking. You are those kind of person who will walk in the rain/typhoon or go to the beach to enjoy the watching the wave with your lover – emotionally romantic.)

你是一個完完全全的大男人/大女人,喜歡支配伴侶,而且你也會是一個大醋罈子,要絕對擁有身邊的這個人。假如說你的伴侶有「被虐狂」的話,那麼你們倆會是天生一對。(Translate: Dominating, get jealous easily. If your partner is a masochism, you guys will be a perfect match)

這是最明顯的地方,你這樣做,就等於打算把寶藏分給別人似的。對伴侶來說,你的舉動非常容易掌握,例如愛吃熱狗配芥茉醬、愛喝珍珠奶茶加胚芽…在他面前,你已經沒有半點隱私。(Translate: This is the most obvious place to hide the treasure, it’s as good as sharing your treasure with others. In a relationship, your movements/preference are predictable. You have nothing to hide in front of your lover)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original post grabbed from: OB嚴選


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