Pinky Paradise’s Sample Lens!

So here…! This is the sample lens I got from Pinky Paradise for my previous purchase (HERE).. It’s a pink circle lens with a diameter of 14.8..

IMG_2671 IMG_2673

Though it’s a ONE PIECE lens but I found a good way to use it!!



Tadaaa~ I can keep it for eyeliner/mascara swatch! Not only it enhanced my eyes but also put this ONE piece lens to good use. One stone shoot two bird!!  >_<

Although I have no idea what’s the name of this sample but they look quite similar to Princess Pinky Eclipse Pink..



You can click on the above image to go straight to the product page or click below to head to Pink Paradise home page!


No matter which one you click, remember to enter “tempted2love” to redeem your FREE mystery gift and cute animal lens case!!!



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