Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi Series) Review



DHL package received!! In my previous post I shared a sneak preview with you and now here’s the real thing!

IMG_2249 IMG_2251

I chose DHL delivery this time as I need to have my items send to me before month end. Else usually I’m total alright with normal mail which takes about 2 weeks (at least) to arrive..

In conjunction with the current promo, I got myself ONE free sample lens too! Like so lame!? Only ONE PIECE?? How to wear it out??? But I guess that’s the whole purpose, It’s meant to let you try and see its effect.. If you like it, you can go ahead to buy it from them. How smart! Question is… there’s no description about the sample lens, where should I start looking if I like it??

Anyway, that’s beside the point.. Now I can’t wait to show you my GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi Series)!! It’s not gonna be a lengthy post so don’t worry..

IMG_2252 IMG_2257

IMG_2254 IMG_2230  IMG_2419


Well, I think it look pretty natural! With a diameter of 14.8, I had to open my eyes really BIG to put on the lenses! Although it’s a little challenging to put it on but removing the lenses was a piece of cake! So much easier to take it out then a 14.2 dia! Needless to say the enlarging effect!

Shall share more picture on this lenses the next time I wear them again!!


Remarks: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased the lenses with my pocket $$. There goes my three days worth of lunch money.. T_T 


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