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The weather is so crazy these days!!! SCORCHING HOT everyday.. Watched news last night and it was reported that this hot weather is gonna last at least for another 15 days!! T_T

Can’t wait to reach office everyday to enjoy the cooling aircon!!! I’m not going out for lunch this week!! >_<

BUT hey, too much air con is not good too.. Your skin is gonna be dry! When it’s dry, it will itch! When it’s itchy, you will scratch! When you scatch… omg..


Introducing… JERGENS Moisturiser – the No. 1 Body Lotion Brand in USA*!!

Jergens moisturising collection offers a range of products that transform skin for a noticeably improved look and feel.

Every moisturiser in their collection is designed to enhance how your skin looks and feels, to leave you total-body beautiful.

Each Jergens product is specially formulated to smooth away dryness and bring out glowing, healthier-looking skin. Jergens moisturisers go beyond the ordinary to help your skin look its best–so your unique beauty can radiate from the inside out

*Source: Nielsen Retail Audit- MAT Nov 2014



Improved formulation with HydraLucence blend technology that locks in maximum moisture, giving your skin a long-lasting, radiant glow.


Jergens has recently launched its new and improved range of body moisturizers that goes beyond moisturizing, giving your skin a beautiful, envious glow. Together with the refreshed new look, the range has been reformulated with a breakthrough
Hydralucence blend that promises hydrated, luminous skin that lasts all day.

Catering to the different skin needs, the new body moisturizer range comes in three variants- the Daily Moisture for visibly smoother skin, the Soothing Aloe for visibly more refreshed skin and the Ultra Healing for visibly healthier skin.

Beyond basic skin hydration, the new formulation contains the Hydralucence blend that provides longerlasting hydration for visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and luminosity. It also helps eliminate dullness and dryness by creating a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to prevent hydration loss.

Its long-lasting luminosity effect stem from the microscopic serum droplets in the product that forms a shield on the skin, giving it a healthy glow. 96% of the women who have tried these variants have experienced all-day skin luminosity*.

*Tested with 26 women, 8 hours after application


Jergens moisturizer comes at a super right time!! During such hot weather where I’ll be hiding in aircon room most of the time, I definitely need to feed my skin with lotsa moisturiser! Dry skin makes my hand looks old!! NOOOO!!

I’ll not be review all three but zooming in to the one I’m currently using..


Yes, the “Daily Moisture” is my pick!

Jergens Daily Moisture Moisturiser helps you reveal deeply luminous, visibly smoother skin. This unique formula contains an illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend as well as Silk Proteins and Citrus Extracts. Provides a continuous multi-layer of moisture to smooth dry, rough skin.

If you are interested in the other two, you can click on below link to find out more..


When I first pump Daily Moisture onto my hand, I thought is was a lil too thick for my liking – eew. However, since it’s my responsibility to use it and give my honest review, I think I should still use it and share what I thought about it.. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it??

IMG_2020 IMG_2021

One pump gives you the amount on the top right image. More than enough for one hand! … but I guess that not much of an issue.. -___-

IMG_2064 IMG_2065

Indeed, not very long after I tried, I kinda change my mind.. I like the texture.. It’s actually quite gel-like and it’s easy to apply too! Although it still feels slightly thicker than other moisturiser, it can still get absorb pretty well!

Massage in circular motion and I don’t even 5 minutes, my skin had absorb the moisturiser and smelling all GOOD! (Maybe they’re thirsty? YA RIGHT! *roll eye*)

IMG_1971 IMG_1972

It smells really good! Like perfume yet soothing! Applying this at night makes me sleep well too..!


And one thing I’m not sure if you had noticed.. When I apply moisturiser to bed, usually the next day when I take a shower, my skin feels soapy and oily when it touches water.. I need to scrub so hard to make this feeling gone. I just don’t like this soapy feeling..

However, when using Jergens, my skin doesn’t feels soapy or oily!!! Does that means my moisturiser are FULLY TOTALLY absorbed?? WOW.. Super thumbs up for this man!!

Last but not least, is my skin really smoother?


(yesssh!) *nods nods* My secret to smoother skin? …Jergens!


LOL.. so wayang…! But hey, it does feels smoother ok! Just not visibly smooth yet..

If you’re interested to grab your Jergens too, head down to your nearest leading supermarket, western pharmacies and/or personal care stores now! It’s retailing at S$8.90 for 400ml! Cheap and good right!? Don’t say I no share uh..


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample StoreJergens


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