It took me soooo long to finally decided to buy contact lens online!! There are so many HORROR story out there about buying lens online and how you can get blind!! Like the one HERE & HERE?? These are not the worst but enough to bring awareness..

If you’re like me, new to wearing decorative lenses, know the risk before you decide to bring it on! Wearing any kind of contact lenses, including decorative ones, can cause serious damage to your eyes if the lenses are not used correctly. These risks include:

• Allergic reactions
• Corneal abrasion – a cut or scratch on the cornea
• Infection
• Decreased vision
• Blindness

I went to a recommended optometrist in AMK to learn how to put on and remove contact lens.. It may seems like a simple act but trust me, newbie are definitely NERVOUS to even put your finger near your eyeball!! Hahaha (well, at least I’m nervous).. It took me more than 10 mins to put it in and more than 15 mins to take it out FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Holy sh*t!!! We were laughing so hard at my shaky fingers!! But once you get it, it’s pretty easy already~! And now, I can wear my decorative/circle lenses at ease.. 🙂

With that, I shall show you my first purchase from Honeycolor.com.. This is a pretty reliable online seller. I know many people buy from this site and have positive experience..

honeycolor001 honeycolor002

I bought Vassen’s Rainbow Eyes Gray! Why this attracted me is… *drumroll* THE LOW PRICE of course!!! It’s a yearly lenses for S$16.49, WHY NOT!? Of course, shipping fee is another killer that’s why I chose my first “online” pair from the SALE list..

Total paid including shipping is S$26.93..


Item came in good condition and came with FREE contact lens case!!



The back of the box has got instruction on how to open the lenses bottle if you’re clueless… But (aiyo) it’s so easy, who needs it man!?



So here’s my lenses.. It look pretty faded as compare to the image online but..IMG_1213IMG_1214

I think the color will show better when we put it on…


So here’s the look of it (with comparison) when I put on..


I feeel that I look fairer leh! Am I or just my illusion?? LOL.. It had enlarged my pupil but i think because it doesn’t have the black rim, the effect is less obvious..

I like the dreamy look when wearing it and I can hardly feel the lenses too! Totally comfortable! So far I’ve only tried Freshkon & Vassen.. IMO, I think Vassen is more comfortable and because it has a bigger diameter, taking it out is so much easier!!


(Closer look)


If you like it too, do check out their website!..


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