SkinOrigin UV Light 40

Sunblock was never part of my life during school days! It’s such a hassle to apply it before going out/to school!! & the stickiness… eeew.

Yes, now I regretted for not being more hardworking.. see how fast your skin get wrinkles & sag when you did not use sunblock! (my goodness!)


Ever since my freckles starts to surface, I’m very much concern about SPF! Yes, SUN PROTECTION FACTOR!! SPF means amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned (protection from UVB)! Higher better? Well, not really.. Most of the time, it depends on your activity.. If you will be under direct sunlight (ie: beach/outdoor sports), then yes, higher better. If you are just gonna stay indoor most of the time, SPF35 is more than enough.. If I didn’t remember wrongly, 1 SPF equals to 10 mins of sun protection. Hence SPF 35 is already 350 minutes (almost 6 hours)!


The next factor I will look at is.. PA ranking! PA protects your skin from UVA! UVA gives you all the wrinkles/pigmentation/sagging!! So pls get the highest ranking possible! Now that brings me to my main point today!!

If case you’re wondering where is UVC? UVC is blocked by our great ozone..

Few weeks back, I was contacted to review SkinOrigin’s latest addition! UV Light 40 PA++++! Yes, that’s FOUR PLUS (+) and not a typo! Amazing right!? So far there isn’t many sunblock with PA++++ yet. I’m not saying there isn’t, just not many! So happy to find one that’s not only high in SPF but also high in PA ranking!!!


SkinOrigin is a revolutionary biomedic cosmetics line that is designed to specially treat a wide array of skin concerns and conditions.


The peptides posses unique characteristics, they are small active molecules capable of mimicking a specific role to heal the skin through naturally occurring proteins.

It diminishes skin sensitivity and allergic reaction. The amino acids and peptides bonds used to create penta peptides are 100% naturally produced. They are the building blocks of all the proteins produced daily in the body. Because peptides are small versions of naturally occurring proteins, they will not create any allergic or sensitivity reaction.

The molecules are capable of delivering cell metabolism, differentiation and growth. They stimulate different functions including enzyme production and cellular proliferation. Promotes the skin physiological responses such as increasing collagen production, of controlling acne and reducing pigmentation.

I’m not gonna bored you with more of this technical terms but I think it’s good to know that SkinOrigin is suitable for sensitive skin too! Yay (on behalf of my mom)!!




Opening ceremony for my new sunblock!! Ta-daaaa~~

UV Light 40 is designed for all skin types. It is a light and non-greasy sunblock that promotes as intense protection against UVA and UVB radiation and premature aging. It also has a combination of active moisturizing ingredients that promotes a high level of moisture binding capacity.


As you can see… it’s a grey/silver pump bottle!

One thing I like about pump bottle is that, I do not need to worry about spillage! I can just throw into my tote bag, my travel bag or makeup bag, without having to worry the cap will loosen and leak. *thumbs up* However, it will be better if I can see how much sunblock I had left! Then I’ll know when it’s time for me to grab more again!

Okay, enough on the appearance~ Let’s check out the product itself..

wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-22-58-875.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-23-58-558.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-24-32-824.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-25-07-981.jpg

The sunblock is pretty runny.. It’s not those thick/white-ish kind that’s so hard to even glide across your skin. Also, this sunblock is hypoallergenic & perfume-free yet doesn’t have those weird plastic/chemical scent that made me sian jit buah (relunctant) to use it.. Pretty pleasant honestly!

wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-28-52-733.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-29-20-682.jpg

I would usually pump (twice) the sunblock onto my palm and then rub them together so that it can be evenly spread out onto my big chubby face! As this sunblock is pretty lightweight, it gets absorb pretty fast (plus we just need a thin layer for sun protection) Hence sticky sensation doesn’t last at all..


Another amazing thing about this sunblock I super love is that it has moisturizing effect – maintaining skin’s hydro-lipidic balance!! I have combination skin hence it is important for me to get products with moisturizing ingredient.. I wouldn’t want my face to start flaking… -__- Oh that reminds me, I’m so glad that this sunblock doesn’t cause out break on me!! Woohooo… No flake! No break!!

This sunblock is like made for me!! High SPF (sufficient for office girl like me!), High PA ranking (protects me from UVA & UVB), Moisturizing (treat my dry cheek)!! Did I mention?? It gives me a beautiful glow too! Not oily glow, for goodness sake!! It’s supple skin kinda glow!! I would usually use this like a makeup base for extra protection too! Like so kiasu because my BB cream already have a certain amount of SPF.. BUT the thing is… it doesn’t have “PA++++” !! Muahahaha~~


That’s not all the benefits of this sunblock ok!! UV Light 40 can also fight against photo-ageing, prevent pre-mature aging, has anti-inflammatory effect, DNA repair & it can prevents skin destruction by Free Radicals!!


If you too would like to try this highest PA ranking sunblock by SkinOrigin (RP: S$89), you can drop by any of their exclusive Concept store to find out moreee!!


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

Asia Beauty | SkinOrigin


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