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Tell me what’s every girl’s dream?? Or rather MOST girl’s dream!?? I believe is to feel good and look good! And I am no difference from any other girls (erms.. “girl’ maybe too young for me.. kids are calling me “auntie” already!! T_T)

To feel good means to stay healthy! When you’re healthy you’ll feel more alert more energized! To look good means to look appealing. If you had realized,there are more and more “photo-finish” and “V-face” products in the market to help us look good..

How effective? I have no idea…. Maybe it will take 2 week of constant application to see result? And forgetful people like me always forgot to use them once in a while.. LOL..

How about letting the expert helps you achieve your V-Face?? Today, I’m gonna share with you my experience at ClearSK!!


 ClearSK® Medi + Skincare

Founded in 2008, ClearSK’s mission is to be the trusted partner to our clients in their pursuit of beauty and wellness, using medical technology to make our clients look as good as they feel at any age.

ClearSK™ is a one-stop provider of expert-guided medi-aesthetics solutions for the face and body, using medical technologies designed and tested by medi-aesthetics
experts. ClearSK™ has a wide selection of medi-skincare and medi-slimming treatments that are personalised and prescribed by aesthetics experts to custom–fit the unique make-up of the individual’s skin and body.

Conveniently located in 12 outlets island-wide (Novena Medical Center, Velocity, Orchard, Toa Payoh, Tampines, Jurong East and other upcoming 6 outlets), ClearSK™ offers every client a holistic non-invasive treatment program at reasonable prices, combining high-tech facials and medi-slimming treatments based on innovations in cosmetic lasers, focused energy, and medical grade skincare ingredients. Let the team of lady medi-aesthetics experts help you achieve your aspirations in skin and body wellness

IMG_7590.JPG IMG_7616.JPG

I started my treatment on 29 September at Novena Square Outlet. So far, had already been there twice.. Completed my treatment and absolutely loving it!!

Left: Walking from Velocity

Right: Walking from Novena Square





I’m like walking into a clinic! A beauty clinic.. LOL.. The staffs were all very welcoming.. They greeted me with smile and never make you feel awkward or stressed..


They served a cuppa warm ginger tea when I arrived and shortly after we started our consultation right in front of the counter.. That’s pretty random.. ?? I thought we’ll be going into a consultation room though.. Nonetheless, it was still ok for me, as there wasn’t an confidential or embarrassing issue that I have to share…


Shortly after the consultation by Nicole, I was brought to the treatment room… So what treatment am I doing? It’s their signature V-Face Shaper, Accent™ V Face!!

V-Face Shaper is the first of its kind to be introduced in Singapore! Technology has become so advanced that without surgery we can achieve our desire V Face! At ClearSK their facial contouring program cater for individual needs. No surgery, no pain and with no downtime! This treatment is only targeted on areas like sagging cheeks, double chin/jaws, crowfeet near the eyes.

Are you excited to see mine (your) double chin gone!?!? LOL~ I AM!!!



Here’s the treatment room, small and cozy.

Novena outlet has only 2 treatment room hence it is important and highly recommended to make your appointment early to avoid disappointment..


So here’s me for my first treatment!! Like normal facial, it’s ok to come with makeup because the staff will remove them and do a double cleanse for you before the treatment..

The way this treatment work is that they combines Ultrasound waves and unipolar RF to break down cells and get rid the fatty waste from the body. During the treatment, Accent Ultra mode and ultrasound waves are used as to shed off the fat layers and break up the fat cells with no damage in the tissue types.


Here’s me doing the ultrasound waves treatment.. Zzz..

I like how the staff actually explain what they’re going to do before their start doing it.. For example, she will inform me that she’s gonna apply a vaseline on my face (and why) before doing this ultrasound and that this equipment will be noisy (high pitch sound).. True enough its noisy but still acceptable I guess.. Because I eventually fell asleep.. LOL!!

This treatment mainly circulate around my cheek and chin area…Again, though it’s noisy, it’s pretty comfortable, like a facial massage..


After the first machine, they will clean your face again and apply baby oil in prep for the next step.. Why apply baby oil?? This is so that the next machine will be easier to move around our face and also to prevent prevent skin burnt.. Yesh, the next machine is a lil fiery, just a little!

It gives out a warm sensation (about 40-42 degree) but because of its mechanism, you wouldn’t really feel the heat. For me, most of the time all I feel the cold metal bead with mild warmth going round and round my face. It only when I really focus my mind to feel the heat then I will feel it. If not, it’s totally comfortable! I suppose partly why we didn’t feel the heat is because they did not place the equipment at one spot for too long hence our sense can’t react in time (you get what I’m trying to say??).

ANYWAY, just don’t get scare by the “heat”.. it’s nothing and totally comfortable enough to make you fall asleep (again).

Here’s a quick peek at the equipment…



Top right image is the Ultrasound equipment and the one on the bottom right is the RF equipment..

I’m a person who love massage (especially face/head massage), hence going to ClearSK is like going for a face massage… What makes this massage better?? It can help you achieve slimmer face!! Woohooo~~~


Done with all the massage, its (milk) mask time!! This mask is soooo full of serum and smell soo nice!! After the mask, my skin feels quite moisturized and soft!!

(Sorry for the ghostly blur pic, it’s dark and I can’t see my camera screen..!)

After the first session, I was like.. “this really works??” *raise brow*

Still pretty excited, I went for my second session and guess what, I can see slight difference already..!! So you think the effect only lasted for a day?? NO! It lasted through out the week and then it’s time for my third session again!!

On my third treatment, Ms. Nicole (who did my treatment for that day) asked me how I feel about this V-face shaper treatment.. I’m glad she asked else I wouldn’t know how to start telling her what I observed.. Well you see, because my chin is more visible/smaller now, my neck seems bigger and lumpier!? So I was asking her if we can do something about it and she gladly advise that we can target a lil bit further down the neck so that the whole effect will look more proportionate and nicer too! Throughout the treatment we had endless conversation and I learnt that this treatment effect is quite permanent! Woohooo~! PERMANENT!! Yesh~ BUT you need to do “maintenance” too of course! Like health, beauty don’t last forever if you don’t take care..

Now enough said, you wanna see the difference already??


Wahlaoz~ Like so paiseh can? See that THICK PIECE of flesh~! LOL… But just a 45 min treatment and POOOOF!! It’s gone! Not only double chin has reduced, it seems like there’s some lifting effect tooooo!!! I’m super lovin’ it!!!

Now I have a slimmer face to camwhore!!! No need photoshop! No need adjust my head to capture perfect angle! Mwahahahahaha!!! And guess what!? I even received a complimentary CSK Aesthetics doctor consultation voucher!! Woohooo!! Gonna chop chop go make my appointment sooon!

IMG_7922 IMG_7923

Definitely recommend this treatment for those double chin-er!!! You’ll love it!!

I don’t know is it because I was there for treatment review or it’s their norm service but I actually quite like it that their staff would not try to push sale (hard sell) during the treatment time. They will make conversation with you on anything but sales. Really enjoyed my treatment with comfort to max! *thumbs up* No fear on how to say NO.

Added on Oct 20: You know, even my boyfriend noticed that my (dbl) chin is smaller now!! Woohooo!! Should I start saving for future treatment????

Thank you for being around ClearSK!!!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample StoreClearSK


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