Detox Patch detoxing??

How foot detox patch works? Paste under your feet & go to sleep, simple as that. It will draw toxins out of your body while you sleep. Most detox patch comes with specific effect depending on the ingredient they put in.. Some reduce blood pressure, treat depression and aid weight loss.. Of course it’s not an overnight thingy! You have to paste for 7-30 days (depends on product) for the detox patch to take effect….. BUT….

I’ve been wondering, does detox patch really detox or is it just chemical reaction with, perhaps, heat? And today, I’m going to find out in my own way…


I have with me here, my all-time-favourite, The Essence of Nature foot detox patch! This is not sponsored product or provided by any vendor okay!! I purchased them for my own use and just randomly decided to fork out one pair to answer my own query!!

How am I going to test it out? Well, I’m just gonna paste one of it on a piece of paper, one of it on my tummy and one pair (as usual) on my feet.. Now, GO TO SLEEP!!

After one night…….


The patch (left) on my feet shows that it’s had absorbed my toxin. I supposed it’s normal for the whole patch to be damped like this? Or am I that toxin??..

The one that is pasted on a piece of paper (center) shows nothing.. maybe no heat to react with the patch, so nothing changed?? Well, let’s see…

The one on my tummy (right) doesn’t seems to have any effect too, or maybe just a little on the top left corner..? I’m sure my tummy is warmth but still NOTHING significantly changed..

Conclusion? This indeed it’s a foot detox patch.. It’s not like you paste on something and without ventilation it will turn sticky/darkened..

So how long does it takes for my body to be cleansed? I don’t know! I suppose this depends on individual?? It doesn’t matter I’m cleansed or not, I will still be getting this patch because it did helped me sleep better (ie: lavender patch)

If you’re keen to try out, just head down to any BHG outlet (ALT department) and it’s readily available for your purchase.


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