What’s In Your (my) Bag?



Any plans this long weekend?? Going any where special??

To the beach?


To the club?


To the mall (retail therapy!!)?


No matter where you’re going, I’m sure you will (need to) carry a bag – YES!! That brings me to my topic for today, which by now you should already know!!


No matter big bag or small bag I’m sure there are some things you can’t leave home without! Let’s assume it’s just another usual weekday and I’m going to work. What do you think will be in my bag? FYI, I usually have a big and heavy bag which I myself don’t understand why? It’s just this few items and my bag is so heavy!!



Ta-daaa.. Here’s my very first AUTHENTIC BRANDED bag!! My cousin bought it from Hong Kong few years back.. Maybe 4-5 years ago?? Although the bag looks dirty already, but (yes) I’m still using it… I am that loyal to a bag!! =P


Inside my bag, it’s always messy and so difficult to dig out what I want, especially small items like my key.. 😦

THANKS to the inventor of BAG ORGANIZER, I now have a more organized bag interior and finding keys are no more an issue!!


Whenever I feel like changing a bag, all I need to do is just to take out the bag organizer and fit it into another bag and voilà~~ No more “Oh dear, it’s in another bag!!” or “Oh noo, I forgot the transfer to this bag!!” Simple and easy!

Done with the outer appearance, let’s take a look inside now…


= Wallet =

Seriously, who leaves home without cash?? … WAIT, I think I do leave home without cash at times.. LOL! That’s because I’m with my love ones.. Be glad if I go out with you without cash! Because I LOVE YOU!! hahaha!!


In it, it’s all my cards(credit/rewards/membership), receipt, family portray, expiring soon voucher. Why only expiring soon vouchers? So that when I open my wallet, I will see it and remember I need to use it SOON!

I don’t usually carry such big wallet when I’m out for a short walk. It’s too bulky and most items are not even useful if I go to a park… Hence that bring’s me to my next item…


= Card Holder / Lanyard =

Yes, this is like a mini wallet I bring around. I bought this in HKG last year.. NO wait! I think this just early this year!! hmm.. This holds my staff pass for accessing every floor in the building and get staff discount at participating retail outlet. Usually I will have some spare cash in it for emergency use..

IMG_7315.JPG IMG_7317.JPG

Definition of “emergency use”: When I travel from Tower A to Tower B and suddenly want to get a snack, I have a dollar or two to let me buy a stick of fishballs saving the hassle to travel back and forth just to get my wallet!!

I will some cards inside too because very often I will need to run errands for my boss and this cards will come in handy when i do not have enough cash.. another reason, earn points obviously when I make any purchase~ >_<


= Keys =

Normally only 2 bunch of keys.. Can’t afford to forget/lost either one!

= iPhone = * (image to be uploaded later!! =P)

For obvious reason, I need a phone with me. To stay connected and contactable!

OK!! Up to here, these are all my essential items that will be found in my bag – Big bag or small bag.. On days where I travel light, these are the must-have in my bag..

The next few items are purely optional but will definitly appear if I’m carrying a big bag..

IMG_7306.JPG IMG_7311.JPG

= Makeup Pouch =

I seldom use this, but they’re still in my bag for any adhoc event at work or evening dates!

There was one occasion, people keep asking if I am sick/sleepy etc-etc, and I thought it was pretty weird… DO I LOOK SO UNWELL?? I didn’t quite take it to heart then.. Until I went to the ladies and saw the mirror, I nearly fainted!! I DID NOT DRAW MY EYELINER LAH~ (T_T) !! Fortunately I got this pouch in my bag, I quickly ran back to my desk, pick up the pouch and ran back to the ladies… That moment I was like “THANK GOD I’VE GOT YOU (eyeliner)!!”


= Hair Serum =

I seldom use this but I thought it would be handy to put it in my bag in case I’ve got bad hair day in the afternoon and I need to meet people.. I know.. pretty stupid excuse but hey, applying it in the morning can ensure I have sleek hair throughout the day ok! Don’t play play ah~


= Accessories =

These are all the small items whereby looooong looooong time ago I forgot to take them out and they’re stuck in my bag for life.. The crazy thing is each time when I finally remember remove them, I will end up looking for them! So in the end, I decided to just leave them in my bag as it is…

Give a round of applause to my dearest… Thumbdrive! Nail Clipper! Pen! Power Bank! Cough Lozenges! Plaster! Recycle Bag! For making me soo… paranoid.


Being a working adult, it means that I have to carry my business card right?? So here’s my business card holder to hold my… EX business card! LOL.. haiya~ Haven’t throw la! Pretty much useless now~

This stylish card holder was a Christmas gift I got it last year (or maybe the year before).. The Christmas gift condition is that it must be from Daiso! Yes, Daiso carry such chic and practical stuff ok! Don’t look down on S$2 products!!


Sometimes, somewhere, in random pockets, you will be able to find coins too.. I put money everywhere.. LOL.. That reminds me of another incident..


On my last day in Bangkok (holiday), I wanted to finish all my Thai Baht so I went shopping at the airport.. Buying and calculating like a miser so that I can maxed out the amount.. So proud when I finally did it – spent all my cash…. When I’m back to Singapore, while emptying all my bag/wallet, I found THAI BAHT!!!! DARN!!! 3000 Thai Baht~ (approximately S$120+/- )!! For F**K I want this thai baht in Singapore!?? I’m gona lose a few cents if I change it back to SG!!! T_T I feel like banging the wall that moment for “hiding” my money in tooo many secret compartment! Now I can only start planning another trip to Bangkok to use them!! (LOL!!!! Another excuse to travel again~)

So that’s all in my bag…………………….

Ok, I know I can’t lie to you… That box of snack you see in my bag and some brouchers, they are not usually there!! I bought them on my way home and doing my part to save Gaia, I did not ask for a plastic bag (my big bag have space why do I still need a plastic bag?!) The brouchers are in my bag for days due to some lazy cells that keep delaying to bring it to the bin! =X

Now that is all (really!) in my bag!

Over the next few months, there will be GUEST POST on “What’s In Your Bag” from my BFFs!! I’ve invited them to show us what’s in their bag. I believe different people have different habits so what’s essential to me might be rubbish to them.

In fact, you can read one of my BFF’s post from HERE already!! It has been posted for more than a week!! So steady uh, done her post much faster than me!!


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