Trulife Product Launch

After a hectic week (endless meetings), what do you wish for the most??? For me, I just wanna sit back, relax and think of nothing else!! … & seems like someone out there sense that I need to rejuvenate soon before I’m burn out!

Thanks to VanityTrove, I was invited to an exclusive Trulife new product launch event & get to enjoy a complimentary (customized) spa service by Willow Stream Spa last week!!


Correct! Event is held at Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Singapore – 几 atas 一下有没有 ! 😀


Just look at the view… @_@ I assume it’s Raffles Hotel in front..


Arrived pretty early actually.. 🙂 But before I go into more details of this event.. how many out there actually heard of Trulife (万代)? How about Poli Medical?

Trulife (万代) is actually another quality brand by Poli Medical Company Pte Ltd!

Loosely translated, “万代” means multi-generation in Chinese. TruLife is a trusted brand of nutritious health products and health foods, developed for the modern multi-generation family’s health needs..

TruLife is a contemporary health-care brand which aims to answer the health and lifestyle needs of today’s society. From the young adult who has just stepped out into the workforce, to the busy all-rounder mother who juggles multi commitments, to the active mature consumer into travel and leisure, everyone needs to keep their bodies in peak condition to enjoy life’s offerings. We understand that the today’s society thrives on convenience. With this in mind, our products have been developed and manufactured on this premise.

Through diligent observation and efforts into research and innovative product development, we develop products that contain a combination of herbal and western ingredients, producing optimal results for targeted body function.

Now you know? Well, at least NOW I KNOW… 😀


At the entrance were all the event host.. Names that I can recall are Dylan Hu (Director of Poli Medical Company Pte Ltd), Debbie from Vanity Trove & staff from Asia PR werks. Friendly bunch of people who helped me with the registration when I got there.. 🙂

Well, being early means you gotta wait longer. T_T But good thing is that there are food to fill my stomach before it starts “rioting” in me..


I must say, I definitely love their satay!! There were many who love the fish as well.. Infused water were served during the event.. It’s my first time trying infused water and I like it! (P.S.: I don’t consider restaurant “lemon” water as infused water ah pls!!) Maybe I can start finding some infused water recipe (will share with you guys in another post!!)

Now, can I go straight to the highlight for the day already?? I can’t wait to share it already!!!

So the product they’re launching is/are……… *drumroll* (make a guess??)


Wah… Bird nest???


NOPE NOPE!! Not Bird Nest (I wish it was~ LOL)! These bird nest are Trulife existing products. It’s suitable for pregnant women and after childbirth, infants, children and growing teenagers, elderly with poor digestion, people suffering from fatigue or weak digestion, people recovering from long bouts of illness. I will not elaborate more about this since it’s not our highlight of this post…

They’re launching…….HEALTH SHOT – supplement drink that helps you to REJUVENATE From Within!

IMG_6447.JPG IMG_6458.JPG

Yes, from the above picture on the right, you can see what they actually display on our tables – the product and its ingredient – 真用心!! At least I’m seeing “LIVE” ingredient then some googled images. This helps me understand the product better and the scent of these ingredient are still pretty strong, especially the prune!!

One thing to note before I go on further… With no added sugar, these supplement drinks are suitable for diabetic too!! *HURRAY*



Start of the event is actually to educate us about Trulife and it’s heartwarming to know that Trulife has been around for three generation already! Yup, Dylan is the 3rd gen & you can read more details about him HERE!

We were also given the opportunity to try the product while he explains & go through the slides.. (I believe not all supplement drinks are new launch.. read on to see what I mean..)

IMG_6435.JPG IMG_6454.JPG

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew ($56.60/box) with 15,000mg of pure Micro Marine Collagen Peptides is a tasty functional drink which targets fine lines, locks in moisture and brightens complexion to leave you with suppler, firmer skin. It has seen clinically proven results of a 50% increase in moisture loevel of the skin and a 13% decrease in UV spot area. Some may even see these result within 10 days of consuming this high potency concentration. Collagen Cell Renew also helps battle skin aging and whitens skin. Its impressive collagen level is complement by zinc and vitamins for overall health benefits.

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew uses only low molecular weight collagen peptides of deep sea fish origin ensuring that your body only absorbs the highest grade of collagen available today.

I believe this is the NEW launch product.. 🙂 It taste sweet but not horrendous kinda sweet. It’s acceptable! It’s a lil sour too but not to worry, the sweetness can cover that! Another thing you probably can’t see from the picture is that this drink is a lil thicker than water. It’s like some kinda thick syrup..

IMG_6434.JPG IMG_6456.JPG

Next up is TruLife Berry EyeHealth! This is something that’s already available on shelf before this event I believe..

Trulife Berry EyeHealth is a vital eye supplment specially formulated to help your eyes maintain clear eyesight, relieve eye fatigue, keep them bright and sparkling (You can’t neglect the window to your soul right!?) and target common problems such as cataract and symptoms of glaucoma.

Made from high concentration of billberry and wolfberry known for their restorative properties, these powerful antioxidants protect against free radical damage and nourish the eyes by giving them maximum nutrients.

This taste very yummy! Berries are yummy!! If you think berries gonna make this drink sour.. Nah~ you’re wrong! It’s still sweet!! Has a lil herbal scent but still acceptable!! This is not like the collagen drink so thick hence it’s very easy to drink~! ❤


Next up, the Herbal System Detox is 10-day detox programs which helps your body in its digestive process and lessen oil absorption giving your body a clean and clear start you can feel.


Do you wish you could enjoy your meals and not gain weight?? I’m not sure this can really help but it says that its a natural alternative to dieting that allows you to indulge your appetite and stay lean with less effort!!

Today’s modern lifestyle is riddled with stress. Impurities from the food we eat can also leave your body feeling unhealthy and weak. TruLife Herbal System Detox uses 6 Natural active ingredients (Green Tea, Folium Sennae, Herba Plantaginis, Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn Fruit, Cassia Seed) with Prune Extract and Vitamins to combat today’s life challenges – fast detoxification,Herbal System enhances digestive health and lessens oil absorption after meals!

Herbal System Detox also improves kidney and liver functions, helps stimulate regular bowel movement to prevent toxin accumulation and increases metabolism!

This has the worst scent/fragrance/smell (whatever you call it!!) among the them… Doesn’t look very tasty already. Smells so bitter (herbal) somemore, not even a bit of sweetness! T_T.. Just looking at the color of it I’m so hesitate to try.

To drink or not to drink.. To drink or not to drink… To drink or not to drink… (O_o)

…. Bravely, I gulp it down..!

I mentioned earlier that no added sugar right? So what kinda taste are you expecting?? Bitter? Sour? Horrible till no words can describe??

Actually it’s sweet more than bitter. In fact, after trying, I wouldn’t even say it’s bitter..! It smell and taste totally different. Texture wise, it’s not as thick as the Collagen Cell Renew so it’s actually pretty ok for me.. But I think to finish all 10 bottles continuously I will need some motivation.. LOL!!




After the tasting session, we were also being briefed/educated by Yingjie (holding a TCM degree!) the importance of Ying & Yang in our body.. It was a pretty interesting session!! Did you know that too much of either one is not good for your body. Balance is the key word!

After all the talking.. we were being lead to our massage room to enjoy our customised serviced by Willow Stream Spa!!

From below pic I’m sure u can tell which massage I opt for..






Foot Detox!! It was really GOOOOD!! I even fell asleep half way….. Zzzz…

After the session, we all head back to the seminar room for a closing and you know what, we were all being given a goodie bag!! ^___^ What’s in the bag?? It’s a 10-days supplement drink catered according to the spa service we requested and a Tri-Kit Pack!!



(From left to right: Dylan, Me, Yingjie & Angel)


It was a fruitful night and I’m glad I was invited to this event… Thank you to the awesome team who made this happen!!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

TruLife | Vanity Trove





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