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I often wakes up to oily skin around my T-zone, esp nose area and I don’t like it. I was told by a beautician that oily skin is usually due to dry skin surface (dehydration). Because your skin sense that surface is dry hence sebaceous glands secrete an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate and waterproof the skin. Of course this is just only one of the many reason to oily skin.

Diet and changes in hormone levels can lead to excess sebum secretion. Not only does this result in an unwanted oily shine on the face, excess sebum on skin that is not thoroughly removed can be damaging to the skin as well.


For ladies with oily skin (or even combination skin like me), do you know that excess sebum can aggravate skin sensitivity? A lot of people who have both conditions – skin sensitivity and oily skin tend to place more emphasis on choosing products that help
with their skin sensitivity, which I can’t agree more (people I know with both condition they do take more consideration with the “sensitive” skin issue). This is NOT enough. Excess sebum generated will deteriorate as skin gets more alkaline, turning into irritants to cause flare-ups within the skin layers.. Making sensitive skin more sensitive plus all those out-break~ T_T

“If excess sebum on the skin surface is not properly removed, over time, the sebum turns into harmful substance that irritates the skin surface and even the inner layers, worsening skin sensitivity,” Mr Koichi Ishida, Curél’s sensitive skincare expert and Global R&D Manager for Beauty Care explained.

So what makes sensitive skin sensitive? Ceramide is the essential ingredient in skin as it replenishes and helps retain moisture, strengthening the skin’s resilience as a natural barrier against external irritants. The lack of ceramide weakens this natural barrier, causing skin to be more susceptible to irritants.


Hence it is important to choose products that effectively control skin sensitivity while reducing sebum secretion from the source.

And this brings me to my topic for today……


The Curél Sebum Care range – comprising a Foaming Wash, Lotion and Moisture Gel – offers the skincare essentials to properly manage both skin sensitivity and sebum secretion. In case you didn’t, all Curél products are ethyl alcohol free, fragrance free, colorant free, pH closest to skin, hypoallergenic, Non comedogenic (does not clog pores) and patch tested on sensitive skin sufferers.

Curél, Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin! A trusted skincare brand in Japan developed from over 30 years of dermatological research and endorsed by over 4,000 dermatologists in Japan and Asia, Curél provides complete protection and frees people from sensitive skin woes with its advanced ceramide care technology.


Dual function for sensitive and oily skin

1. Strengthening skin barrier function (to protect skin against external irritants)

Understanding the importance of ceramide in skin, Curél has made ceramide the key ingredient for all its products. Its hydrating and penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care is widely recognised by dermatologists in Japan and Asia.

Apart from effectively restoring ceramide function in skin, Curél Sebum Care range also protects the skin’s natural ceramide while cleansing, effectively replenishes ceramide and retains moisture. When skin stays supple and fully moisturised, it is better protected against external irritants.

2. Oil and acne control

Using one of the main ingredients found in royal jelly (10-hydroxydecanoic acid) that is known for its inhibitory effect on excess sebum secretion, Curél developed its unique sebum zero-in control technology, which targets and regulates sebum excretion from deep within the skin to control the root of the problem.

Curél Sebum Care range is also specially formulated to re-balance skin at its optimal pH level, preventing sebum from disintegration. Infused with antiphlogistic, an active ingredient that relieves inflammation, the range helps prevent the occurrence of acne as well.


Sebum Care Foaming Wash (150ml), $19.80

Ultra fine foam with sebum solvent to throughly cleanse dirt and excess sebum while protecting ceramide – the essential component in skin for resilience against external irritants.

IMG_5497 IMG_5498 IMG_5499 IMG_5500

How to use: Apply appropriate amount (2 full pumps) directly onto wet skin. Do not lather. Gently massage and rinse off thoroughly.


What I think: My impression of using a cleansing foam is that it’s not clean enough and it will be “dissolve” once touches water and I have to use even more foam to clean my face. I really doubt it will wash away impurities! However, this cleansing foam proofs me wrong. It’s indeed very fine and doesn’t get dissolve right away when it touches water.. Indeed 2 full pump is all I need..! My face feels clean and supple after wash!! It did not cause dryness nor leaves behind any unclean feeling.

Above pic may not be very clear but my face does feels smooth after wash too~ woohoo!

After cleansing, what should you do?? Toner of course!!


Sebum Care Lotion (150ml), $24.90

Control Oil & Acne with Zero-in Sebum Control technology to regulate sebum secretion at the source and reduce acne occurence. Strengthen skin barrier function with Eucalyptus extract to boost skin’s ability to generate ceramide. Non sticky formula preps skin for better adsorption of moisturiser/essence used after.

IMG_5502 IMG_5503 IMG_5504

How to use: After cleansing, apply gently over the whole face twice daily, in the morning and at night.

IMG_5519 IMG_5535

What I think: Pretty light weight! Not sticky, not oily, no skin irritation! See.. It’s like water and absorb pretty well ya!

After toner (lotion), time for moisturizer!!! Oh before that, you can apply your usual essence if you have any.. 🙂


Sebum Care Moisture Gel (120ml), $34.90

Control Oil & Acne with Zero-in Sebum Control technology to regulate sebum secretion at the source and reduce acne occurence. Strengthen skin barrier function with Curel’s penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care. Liquid based gel spreads easily for speedy absorption into deeper layers of skin without leaving skin sticky

IMG_5506 IMG_5507  IMG_5508

How to use: Apply appropriate amount (3-4 pumps)  gently over the whole face twice daily.


What I think: Watery gel? It’s light weight and not sticky!

OVERALL: After using it for about a week, my T-zone seems less oily at the end of the day and I don’t wake up to see my nose drown in sebum – less oily nose!! ^__^ most importantly, it did not cause any outbreaks during this period! However, I feel it’s a lil too mild for me..

If you’re keen to try it out first, You can head to Curél’s Facebook Page to redeem your sample!!

If you have heard of this product and already can’t wait to get your hands on them, you can head down to the selected Guardian and Watson’s stores from 16 June.

For more information, please visit Curél’s website or Facebook Page now!!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

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