A Closer Experience at The Clementi Mall – Part II

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Like I mentioned in my previous post, going to The Clementi Mall is more convenient than you think! It’s located next to Clementi Station and no need to worry about the weather because there’s a link bridge directly to the mall! With 142 shops, there will always be something for you!





We went on a weekday afternoon and the crowd doesn’t looks like a weekday at all! LOL.. Not only the MRT (Yes, we took MRT to Clementi! It’s sheltered all the way, who cares about the rain/sun!) is crowded, the mall is not lonely! You will be entering the mall level 3 if you are taking MRT (directly access). Since I’m not very familiar there, let’s just head to the Infomation Counter at level 4 to grab the mall directory leaflet first!!


Since we’re at level 4, let’s just start of here first… On this floor, it’s mainly Food Court, Sports & Lifestyle, IT, Gadgets & Entertainment, F&B, Services, Information Counter!

We went to Box Boss first as we’re thinking of getting a hp case for my dad (Yup, he just bought a new phone)! Box Boss is like a shop with MANY stalls in them! You can find items like hp charger/earpiece/casing, watches/accessories, baby clothes, plants, pretty magnetic boards, badges, Japanese DIY candy, etc etc!!


IMG_5542 IMG_5543

One thing that caught my attention is this musical “box”! What do you call this btw? It’s so hard to find this when I need them!

Well, after getting something for dad, it’s our shopping time!! We head down to level 3 and spent almost half of our time there!! On this level, it’s mainly mini anchor, fashion, watches & jewellery, F&B shops.


Our first stop at level 3, Rubi Shoes!! Yes, woman not only can’t resist SALE, they love SHOES toooo! And you know what, Rubi Shoes is having both!!!


Exclusively at The Clementi Mall: STUDENTS get 10% OFF if you flash your student pass! (Students, ain’t that a good reason to pop by The Clementi Mall’s Rubi Shoes!?)

Although I’m already a RETIRED student for almost a decade (T_T), I still love buying shoes!!








Casual shoes on the left and smart casual shoes on the right!

Let me side track a bit! I recall when I was in poly, the thing i would hate to forget is… to wear covered shoes for lab class and/or the day I have presentation! It’s either I don’t have the right shoes for presentation or I came in sandals.. -___- There isn’t Rubi Shoes then and I don’t recall Clementi being so trendy like now!! To get a pair “emergency” shoes, it will either cost you quite a bit or you’ll end up with a pair of old-fashion black shoes! There weren’t many shopping option during my poly time!! How sad! (Poly) Students now, you are so lucky there’s a Clementi Mall there!!



Colorful flip flops!! Spoil for choices!!

20140806-144429-53069449.jpg 20140806-144432-53072096.jpg

20140806-144430-53070213.jpg 20140806-144431-53071347.jpg

20140806-144429-53069079.jpg 20140806-144432-53072944.jpg

So back to our topic!! Who doesn’t love trendy and pocket-friendly shoes!? Not only shoes, they have flip flops/bags/shades/accessories too!!! Hahaha! My mom even reminded me that I can actually get some hair accessories to “beautify” myself when I’m working on my blog!  So… it’s selfie time!!


What do you think of this kitty hairband?


OMG~ My sis look so EXTRA SMALL standing next to me yet still wana stand behind me!!! #$%^?*%


Me & my sis even saw the same bag that we thought was quite nice and multi-purpose too! Most importantly, it’s less than S$20!! erm.. Actually the price is there…! Of course we bought it!!


Yes, I know I look hilarious here but I couldn’t resist not trying this hat! Maybe one day if I’m going to the beach I may consider getting one!! I’m serious leh but you might have to convince me to go to the beach first~!



At one corner (big corner in fact), I saw this banner!! “…S$10 & UNDER…”!! No student sale for me, neh-mind!! I can compensate that with a pair of S$10 shoe!?? HEE!!!!

I saw quite a few shops selling shoes in here so fret not if you can’t find what you want in Rubi Shoes.. There are heels/running shoes/men shoe all available around Clementi Mall (mainly at level 3)..

Just few shops down, we saw Typo! Although there were many Cotton On outlets but I think Typo were quite limited! So it’s actually good that we find Typo here!!


With such friendly staff! LOL..


Most of things you can find here are stationery/gifts/fun stuff! When I’m still a student, I like to having unique or fun stationery that is not common! Reason? You can easily identify your things when they’re gone and it makes you (school) life more fun!! Imagine writing with a P*lot pen and a Skull Pen, which one keeps you gonig!?? Hahaha! Ya la ya la~~ I know I am superficial~ But doesn’t having something you like makes you wanna hang on to it more..? ^___^

20140806-174100-63660253.jpg 20140806-174100-63660472.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I think I looks good in glasses! *whistle* LOL!!

20140806-174100-63660140.jpg 20140806-174100-63660361.jpg

20140806-174101-63661192.jpg20140806-174106-63666081.jpg 20140806-174103-63663674.jpg 20140806-174103-63663331.jpg 20140806-174104-63664017.jpg20140806-174105-63665043.jpg 20140806-174100-63660842.jpg

Lots of amazing stuff right!? Love that Eiffel Tower scissors!! We even bought this cute sleeping eye mask for my niece and nephew!! A mall where you can shop for the young and young at heart indeed!!!

If you can’t find the right gift or don’t know what your friend like, go get a GIFT CARD!!


After all the shopping.. It’s already evening and we’re dead beat!! We head straight to B1 as we wanted to have our dinner and … we got attracted to …… FAMOUS AMOS!!



My sis said my niece and nephew love Famous Amos so we got some back for them!!


Not forgetting my dad (again), we bought tori-Q for him!!! He’s a “carnivorous” so tori-Q would be a good choice for him!!

Seriously.. B1 is like a food heaven! From sweet to savoury.. From snacks to meals.. From kiosk to restuarant.. It’s all here!!

Now I understand why it’s crowded even on a weekday.. There are sooo many things to shop & eat here lah~!! A mall for everyone!!!!

Don’t forget to check out The Clementi Mall Facebook Page HERE for latest news!!!!

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