The Shape of Your Nails can reveal what type of person you are!

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Did you know that The Shape of Your Nails can reveal what type of person you are? Well, this is a test from Japan that was going viral last week, wanted to share it earlier but I forgot, hehe.

Nail Shape Personality Test

A recent personality diagnosis trend in Japan suggests that shape of your nails could reveal characteristic traits about you! What shape are your nails?


  • Vertically long: You’re a mild-tempered romanticist

It is likely that your right brain is more well-developed, and you’re the highly imaginative type. You are meticulous and creative, but you tend to get overwhelmed by the surrounding atmosphere and might easily be deceived, so you might want to be a little more cautious and alert. When it comes to dealing with the logical left-brained type, you might find it difficult to understand each other and may even end up in conflict.


  • Broad sideways: You’re…

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