Laneige Pore Control Collection!!


How long have we not “met” ?? TWO WEEKS (more than that I believe)!! I have not been very active for two weeks!! Why? Because I’ve been busy with my new role in a new company and still trying to adapt to the new culture. (O_o) Fast pace company is no joke man!

Why again (am I here today)? Because I’ve bought something really interesting online and I think very soon (or already) it will be available in Singapore!! It has got me so excited that I decided to do a post for it! Trust me, you will be excited about it tooo~!! S much talking and I haven’t tell you what is it ya??


It’s this – Pore Control BB Cushion + Brush Pact!! Wow wow wow!! Finally something (makeup) for pore control from Laneige!

BB PC_01

If you are aware, BB Cushion isnt any new product line from Laneige. They have previously launched Snow BB Soothing Cushion then they improved it to BB Cushion and now, BB Cushion Pore Control!!  \ ( ^ _ ^ ) /

BB PC_04

BB Cushion Pore Control has a light blue cover casing, other than that, outer appearance is almost the same! Their tailor-made puff & refills are available too!!

20140526-153125-55885784.jpg 20140526-153126-55886111.jpg

I did a little comparison between the two (BB Cushion & BB Cushion Pore Control). Basically, nothing much have change.

BB PC_02

Both type still provides:

  • Sun protection of SPF50 PA+++
  • Water resistance
  • Soothing effect

The difference?

BB Cushion BB Cushion Pore Control
Brightening Pore Control
Moisturizing Pore Coverage
Natural & Clean Coverage Semi-Matte Finish

Wonder if they will have a color tone for you?? Of course they have!! See~~!!

BB PC_03

5 color tone to choose from! No matter fair or tanned, confirm got one color suitable for u! FYI, I’m currently using #21 as that’s the darkest tone available by one of the seller on Qoo10.. it look a lil fair initially (prolly like over brighten yet not to the extend like you seen a ghost) but as it oxidize, it looks quite blend with my tone..

A lil test to see the color tone? Alright, here.. My hand has got all this “lil freckles” and I must admit, its coverage power is AWESOME!!


See the right pic, now u know why i say it’s too fair for me? Hahaha! Aren’t u amazed with its coverage (I give it 4 star so that there will be room for improvement!!)!? Just gently pat and the coverage is so amazing already! The normal BB Cushion, you might have to tap a lil more on pigmented area to give it an extra coverage..

Next, something that is not available in Singapore yet, I guess! The Brush Pact!


(image from Qoo10 seller whom I purchase my brush pact from)

It comes in 3 “color”.. (#1) Natural Finishing, (#2) Pore Blur & (#3) Pink Beam. I bought the Pore Blur hoping it will cover my large pores..

20140526-153126-55886437.jpg 20140526-153126-55886659.jpg

The brush is very soft!! I like it.. You don’t ned a lot of powder to cover your pores. Just gently brush them across and you’re good!


Below is another image where I put on the products on my hand..


Now you can see, what it means by semi-matte ya? Comparing both pic, the one on the left is “glossier” (with BB Cushion Pore Control only) whereas the one on the right is matte (with BB Cushion Pore Control + Brush Pact).

Not only matte, my skin color has been a tone darker now.. No more ghostly white face with beige neck before leaving home! LOL~

Now if you’re interested in this product, check out Pretty Shop! I purchased both items from them! Fast delivery and some sample sachets as free gift for buyer!


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