Korean Beauty Sale

Pocket ended with holes holes holes after I went to the Korea Beauty Sale at Marriott recently. What is available there? Mainly The Face Shop, Belif and VDL! Many out there should be familiar with all these brands but what interest me most is VDL! I’ve always wanted to try something from VDL but not too sure want I wanted until that day!

I did not take any picture of the event because I wanted to concentrate on shopping!! If you wanted to have a quick look of the event day, you can check it out HERE – CozyCot FB page!! Else doing some google search will give you plenty or results! 😀


(Some products hidden! Oops!)

I did not buy a whole lorry of products but this is enough to make me go on diet for this month – there are many other sale coming up (Kanebo Seasonal Sale on 10th & 11th April)!!

Basically I bought what I needed.. A face scrub (TFS)! A few gel mask (TFS) after very little persuasion! The sales lady said it’s good to apply a mask after the scrub (it’s not exactly those rough particle scrub but liquid gel kind that turns into eraser-like particle after some massage, it’s quite good – really! I will show you guys again soon!)

Seriously, I’m only looking for a face scrub BUT I ended up with additional mask, nail polish, tint bar & blush!!

The purpose of today’s post is not to share with you how much I had bought but to share with you where you can get VDL Tint Bar at a LOWER price – so you will not need to wait for a sale to buy them!!

Why must have a VDL Tint Bar?? Ah-haa! You have not read my previous post on lip color right!!?? Check it out HERE – scroll down to the VDL Tint Bar paragraph!


If you have read it or already using it, you should know this tint bar is totally amazing!! The usual price at a VDL retail shop should be more than S$25! BUT on Qoo10, you can grab it for LESS than $20 (the last time I saw the price for it is about S$16.50 – that’s almost S$10 difference, if the retail price is S$25)!!

The next few image you are going to see is grabbed from the seller’s page (Shoplinker – VDL tint bar) on Qoo10!

Clicked on shop name to see all product they carry. Click on product name to be redirected to the tint bar page.

VDL Tint1

VDL Tint3 VDL Tint2 VDL Tint4

So are you getting impatient and wanna try it tooo!!! Wait no more~! Click on the image below and you are half way there to getting your tint bar at less than S$20, delivered to your door step!!


The next thing I would love to try from VDL is definitely the Expert Color Lip Cube!! They look so interesting!!

VDL lipcube1


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