Paintings in the Sky – Unique HDB Murals

Remember Singapore

Have you ever passed by a HDB flat painted with murals?

There are quite a few such blocks in Singapore; the most famous ones are probably the Hougang rainbow block and the Khatib flat with paintings of giant kites. Not always visually pleasant to everyone, these HDB murals, however, help to add a touch of uniqueness to certain blocks and make them stand out among the rest.

Traditional Layang-layang

Standing opposite the Khatib MRT Station, it is unlikely that one will miss this prominent block with its four gigantic murals of kites.

khatib hdb kite murals

Location: Block 838, Yishun Street 81

Cheerful Rainbows

The rainbow block has been an iconic fixture along Hougang Avenue 7 since the early eighties.

hougang hdb rainbow mural

Location: Block 316, Hougang Avenue 7

bedok reservoir road rainbow flat

Location: Block 609, Bedok Reservoir Road

Cupid’s Love

Commuters on the SMRT East-West Line used to see this adorable Cupid mural when their trains passed by Block 210…

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