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Yup! I’m one of the selected blogger to review Trimton 2!! (Yeahhh~!!) So………..


Trimton is hit in Singapore and Hong Kong over 8 years and use totally natural ingredients with different international certification. It helps you reduce your weight by taking a treatment without diet and exercise. No side effect & safe to use 无副作用, 安全可靠!


Each Trimton 2 capsule is like 400 oriented missiles, automatically “smashing” heavy fat area and burning the fattest part of body. Trimton 2 targets to slim wherever you want. As a result, only fat, but not breast fat is burnt. With its various fat burnt ingredients, it acts as a double effect to help attack the heavy fat area, thus 100% eliminating fat.

The newest edition of Trimton 2 (used to be known as Tritrim 2) is based on a new developed medical technology: Microencapsulation, its specialty is to protect effective ingredients from being ruined by gastric acid. As it goes directly into intestine area, its absorption is much faster compared to any other current existing products. Because of its incredible fast effect, it only needs to take 2 pills a day.

The Microencapsulation of Trimton 2 is a technology that functions mainly to avoid the side effects of ordinary pills. Each pill has rich missile balls, and they have multi layers like Ballistic Missiles or onions. This allows it to dissolve layers by layers, and also avoid gastric acid to ruin the core effective essence. Once the balls are absorbed into the intestine, the changed alkaline environment makes the final layers truly dissolved and allows the fully absorbed functional ingredient to work.

trimton 2 ingrediant


Garcinia Cambogia HCA – A very popular slimming element in Japan! Garcinia Cambogia extract has ingredients of HCA to speed up fat burning process. This is also used in US slimming pills which prevent new fats from growing & storing in our body.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – The rich Chlorogenic Acid is unroasted green coffee bean is a fat decompose element that targets at heavy fat area and helps speed up the burning of stored and stubborn fat.

Grapefruit Extract High Purity Extract – The organic acids in this extract automatically speed up fat burning and effectively smash fat in a precise manner.

Green Tea Extract – It can ease and restrain starch absorption to achieve a fat blocking result. It restrains the aliveness of amylolytic enzyme and the saccharase movement in enteric canal. This prevents extra glucose absorption.

Purple Rice Extract – This is a unique ingredient of Trimton 2. It contains saccharase dissolution which helps to restrain absorption and prevent carbohydrate from overly turning to fat. Tests also show that purple rice has a 10% to 20% higher capacity of decomposition. It helps to prevent skin collagen from losing and maintain its elasticity and moisture, making you look younger after slimming.

trimton 2 iso

In short, Trimton 2 is focus on [Cut Oil and Weight Loss 去油消脂] in safe & natural way,

♠ Reduces oil the natural way:

  • Breakthrough E.Microen (肠溶性微粒)Technology stimulate the effect brought by the natural ingredients;
  • Oil-blocking effect in intestine;
  • Effectively blocks out and dissolves oil from food intake up to 80%.

♠ Targets fatty Area:

  • Increases body heat at fatty area and burns fat;
  • HCA and Chlorogenic Acid help body to prevent fat storing;
  • Effectively reduces body fat percentage.


I received a box of Trimton 2 which contain 60 capsules. 

20140303-145708.jpg 20140303-145717.jpg

My first thought was… BOX SO BIG but only a small bottle!!? Should have put in 2 bottles inside! =X hahaha..

Uniqueness of this bottle is the safety cap.



Safety seal too!



Using Trimton 2 for 3 month as a treatment, it is suggest taking 2 capsule a day, one for breakfast or lunch and other one for dinner and dosage with warm water.

It is recommended by the pharmaceutical to take before meal. However, there is no harm if you take after meal (I’m very forgetful, thus I usually take just few minutes before meal or after meal.) For best result, take one capsule 30 minutes before meal.

The main ingredients HCA & Chlorogenic Acid can help to reduce the fat up to 52%; Green tea polyphenols and organic acids can help to block oil intake up to 30% and help to slim up your whole body and lose weight.

Ok, so this is how the pills look like!

20140303-145737.jpg 20140303-145742.jpg

Even my lil companion is eager to take a photo with the colorful capsule! (actually I’m just trying out my new cam!! LOL~)

20140303-163021.jpg 20140303-163017.jpg

Been 2 weeks since I started my program and indeed no side effect (yet)! I don’t feel extra sleepy or hyperactive. No skin irritation. No nausea feeling. Totally cool!

I think what you are waiting for after reading such long post is the “RESULT”?

I lost about 1-2kg since the day I started this treatment. Although losing that 1-2kg won’t really shows in appearance but it’s good to know that I loss some fats.

Side track a bit, I think slimming products/company should really look into getting someone “heavy weight” to try their products! I always see slim celebrity endorsing in slimming products and that’s so not convincing!! Bleh.. (hahaha!)

For more updates, feel free to visit Trimton 2’s Facebook page HERE.

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

Trimton 2


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