I *heart* SampleStore.com

I bet many of you ain’t any strangers to Samplestore.com! Especially after they had revamped back in around 2013 Q4!

However, if you have not heard about them, below is a quick introduction for you!

Samplestore.com, a member of Singapore Post group of companies, is the leading online try-vertising platform in Singapore. With more than 100 different brands and up to 80,000 members, Samplestore.com boasts a unique sampling experience unlike any other.


I joined SampleStore.com back in 2012. At then, they mailed out free samples (that you had redeemed) in a flimsy brown envelope and all you need to pay is just the shipping fee of S$3.99!! (I heard that it was even cheaper before that!!)


This is how The Sample Store (logo + envelope) used to look like!

You can’t really reuse the envelope or keep things.


(credit: http://ireneyksoh.wordpress.com)

After they revamped, not only their website looks more attractive, it’s easier for me to find samples that I would like to try!!! However, shipping fee has then increased to S$5.99. (aww~ T_T)

Below are some screenshots of the website:

Samplestore web

Eye catching home page with animation showing your popular samples and new ones too!

Samplestore web search

Alternatively, you can also search samples via category (ie: Super popular, Top 10, Free Delivery, etc)!! The left side bar narrow down your search to exactly what you are looking for (ie: Hair, Face, Fragrance, etc).

One thing I like about their categorized search is that there is an option for you to see only items that you have NOT redeem before. In another words, samples that you had redeemed will be removed! This category is “Samples That I Can Redeem Instantly”! How thoughtful!

Samplestore web free delivery

These are some samples that comes with free delivery!

Samplestore web latest sample

& here’s the latest samples that’s available and I think they update it quite often! almost every week have new products (I think~)..

Now say if I click on Bioessence Tanaka White, below will be the info/details that I will see..!

Samplestore web Bio Essence

(Product information)

Samplestore web Bio Essence qty

(Sample quantity that you will received) ← this is the fill that I will usually zoom into first!! Sure wanna make my S$5.99 all worthwhile!!

Samplestore web Bio Essence mbr overview Samplestore web Bio Essence Reviews

As you scroll down, you will get to see some reviews from other members and some pie chart. The reviews are (mostly) based on members who have tried them. It’s almost like a “must” to write a review on product that you had redeemed.

WHY? Because, you will need points to make redemption!! All new members will start with 8 points. For each product you redeem, 2 points will be deducted.

HOW do you earn it back? Write reviews for the products that you had redeemed to earn back your points. 2 points for each reviews and soon you will get your 8 points back to your account! Get ready for next redemption again!! hiak hiak!! (That is why you will NEED to write a review~)

Sometimes I tends to leave some reviews for products that I did not redeem from SampleStore.com but had used them before. Because I believe it will help members to know/understand if a certain products will be suitable for them. I will earn points for reviews in this case too.

With more points, I can redeem more things!! BUT!!! The maximum numbers of product you can redeem each time (per shipment) is only FOUR! Thus, with more points doesn’t mean you can literally redeem MORE things within one shipment.

ie: Pay shipping fee of S$5.99 for redeeming up to 4 products (-8 points). If you have some more points, you can continue to redeem up to another 4 more products (-8 points) and pay the shipping fee of S$5.99 again! Once you used up all your points, sorry, no more samples for you until you write a review for the products.


SampleStore.com ships out packages quite fast (unless it’s a weekend or PH) and probably within the next 5 working days you will see a package like the above in your letterbox!! LOOKS SO MUCH better than then the cheap brown envelope right!! I guess that’s why shipping fee had increased. You can check out my “first” redemption (after they revamped) post HERE! Pretty happy with my new experience! ^_^

Guess what?

I’m glad that I’m part of the SampleStore.com family now!! Not exactly now lah but since some time last year..

Samplestore Blogger Badge_B1  Samplestore Blogger Badge_B2

You got it..! I’m a SampleStore.com Blogger! ^___^

Here are a few product reviews that I wrote (introduced by SampleStore.com) and I hope to keep this going..

You can click on the link to read them.. 🙂

If you already can’t wait to redeem your first SampleStore.com samples, click HERE to start the ball rolling!!

Before I end this post, do check out and follow SampleStore.com for more updates!!

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Samplestore twitter

Samplestore instagram


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