Paraffin Treatment at Home! Yeah!!

It’s been a LOOOOOONG time for a new post!!! Been busy with work + school + Chinese New Year!! Good thing is I’m finally ending my first module and that means.. EXAM SOON!! *shucks*


But you know what? There’s always time for FUN & RELAXATION!! Hahahah!! A pair of beautiful hands will help me write better during exams!! ………… Ok, that’s just an excuse for a break from all the numbers & terminology (I’m taking FIA course)!

What makes your hand beautiful? Yes, a nice spa manicure! *ehem* That will cost at least a hundred bucks! How about a DIY Paraffin Treatment!!? Don’t worry you won’t need to go fabricate your own wax or buy a warehouse of wax or whatsoever.

Just head down to any SaSa outlet and you are half way to your DIY Paraffin Treatment!


Yes, today’s post is about Soo Beauté Nail Paraffin Pack! The COST EFFECTIVE way of doing your paraffin treatment!! It’s only S$7.80 (I will confirm the price again!!) for a pack like this and you know what? It can be reuse at least 3 times!!! That’s LESS THAN S$3 each time you do your DIY paraffin treatment! Exclusively available at SaSa!



The ingredients includes avocado(牛油果), morocco argan oil(摩洛哥坚果油), olive oil(橄榄油)and of course paraffin wax (巴拿芬蜡)!

Below are image of how to use them and trust me they are really easy to use!! Even if you do not know Chinese characters, picture illustrations are good enough!

If not… Read on and I’ll show you how to use them!


So what you need to do now is start boiling your water! Instruction says pour in 90-100 degree hot water – but I think I probably only boil till 80 (I don’t have a thermometer but it’s not difficult to tell if you are using your home water boiler..)


Pour in your HOT water – pls be careful and not scald yourself!

After you pour in the hot water, you should see a laying of wax floating already! However, as the water is still HOT pls don’t stupidly put your finger in NOW.20140208-001828.jpg

Wait till the pink round sticker turns slightly blue (cooled down) then you can start to do finger dipping!!


Here’s my fingers before treatment! DRY & ROUGH!

20140208-002021.jpg    20140208-002037.jpg

Now I will dip my fingers in… (sorry for the poor image because I can’t multi-task!!)

Dip about 3 times (you do not need to wait for each layer to be completely dry before doing next layer) and you are good to leave it to do its work.


This is the moment you feel pretty handicapped!


Can’t really move much as afraid that the wax will crack!20140208-002120.jpg

After 10 – 15 mins, you can remove the wax already! Just pull them off and you are done!


DO NOT throw away this wax that you had just used!! I repeat.. DO NOT throw away this wax that you had just used!! Instead, put them back into the pack and you can reuse them again!

As for the hot water remaining in the pack (by now should be cool already. See the round sticker turned blue?), just pour them away!20140208-002151.jpg

See! After you pour the water away, what’s left behind is just the hardened wax!20140208-003826.jpg

Throw in those wax that you had just used and keep them for future use!! 😀20140208-003833.jpg

My finger? They are so pampered now! They look better & healthier now! Smells great too!!

20140208-002159.jpg   20140208-002204.jpg

REMARK: Do NOT wash your hands within the next 2 hours!

That’s all for today! Have a great week ahead!!!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample Store | SaSa Singapore


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