To-Gather Cafe

Hello everybody! It’s time for me to share some FATS with you again!! Hahaha! Seems like I’ve been eating out a lot lately! Getting chubbier! Uh-oh…

Anyway, even if I’m putting on more weight, nothing can stop me from going to place for good food! To-gather Cafe is the place I’m gonna talk about in today’s post!

To-gather Cafe: 84 Bedok North St 4 #01-27 Singapore 460084 (Tel: 6445-1011)

Operating Hours: Open daily except alt Mon. 11am-10pm (Tue-Thur) 11am-11pm (Fri-Sun)


This cafe is actually located near the famous 85 Bedok Hawker Center! So it’s actually not difficult to go! However it was our first time so we actually went one big round (we didn’t realize it was near there la!!)

When we finally reached our destination, everyone was dying of thirst! LOL


It’s quite a cozy cafe in the neighborhood with alfresco seating..!




Students! Be alert! There’s Student’s Lunch Deal here for you too!


Here’s a clear leaflet for you!


One thing I like about their menu is that they provide a separate photos illustration for customers too! This made it easier & quicker for me to order my food! I prefer seeing images then words! (^__^)


After we ordered our food at the counter, very soon our drinks were served! Four thirsty ladies couldn’t wait to quickly snap the pic and start drinking!!


I would recommend the To-gather Breezer (S$3.80) for customer who wants to get chilled quickly!! I feel so refreshed after drinking my green apple breezer! Pheew!

The Ice Cafe Mocha (S$4.80) was better than Strangers’ Reunion, IMO. You get the taste of both chocolate and coffee in a drink! Not bland at all..

Ice hazelnut Latte (S$4.70) was good too! Though I feel that if there’s more hazelnut syrup would be better.. 🙂


First dish out? Calamari (S$4.90)! the calamari was so-so. It was the sauce that made us all goes “hmmm~~~” *eyes brighten!*

Appetizing sauce to go with the calamari! Basically I think it will goes well with anything! Even after we finished our calamari, we kept the sauce on our table for other dishes!


Next up is the Crispy Thai Chicken Bite (I think it’s S$4.90 too)! Although in the menu it’s stated 4 pcs but obviously we had 5 – more than happy! The thai sauce ain’t that fantastic but still edible. But again, eat it while it’s still hot.

As you can see, the salad dressing on the lettuce is same sauce from the calamari! It goes well with the lettuce too..!

Time for main course!!!!! Woohoooo!

1st up! Grilled Chicken Chop!! Nice savory chicken chop but the wow-factor ain’t enough to keep me going.


Then here’s my Pork Cordon Bleu! It’s not bad, the pork is very tender and not too hard to chew.


Though I wish there will be more cheese & a little more ham.. LOL


Next up, Seafood Aglio Olio! I would say this is the best among the three mains. Though I find TCC’s better! This is a neighborhood cafe so can’t expect much. I’m already contented with the food I’m getting here.


Overall, it’s a good place to chill and get away from crowded town and some over-crowded cafe! Will probably come back again some day when I want to go to some quiet homely place.. 😀


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