Oppa Gangnam Style!

Before we start.. .Let’s relax and enjoy one music video!

I bet you already have some clue what my post is gonna be about!! Yeah.. It’s KPOP!! TBH, I’m not a die hard KPOP fans! I don’t know who is 2NE1, 2am (was it 2pm??) nor Super Junior.. The only person I can relate to KPOP is… PSY (pronounce as “saɪ” not P-S-Y.)! His Gangnam Style exceeded 1 billion views on YouTube, becoming the first and currently only video to do so in the website’s history! With that much view rate, no wonder his song & his name get sink into my brain!! (When I first watch his MV I was like….. “Who is this UNCLE!!? but well.. he made an impression indeed!) 

Without further ado.. Let’s start talking about our Gangnam Style nail art!! Although the Gangnam craze had been looong gone but since it suit the KPOP theme, I decided to still go with it!

The nail polishes that I’m going to use in this nail art tutorial is sponsored by Samplestore.com. It’s one of their nail art campaign with SaSa. I don’t have much details about the campaign but you can keep a lookout for SaSa January newsletter (should be out already) to see if you can see my nail art published. If not, you’re lucky that you read it here!! =P

Update 9 April 2013: It’s out but not on SaSa Jan Newsletter. It’s SaSa Beauty Lookbook Issue 1! A joint collaboration with SampleStore!! Click HERE to read more about it!


These are the colors that I had chose for my nail art! Blue/Yellow/Green/Pink/White/Black! All these polishes are by Cyber Colors! They’re quite opaque! Most of them are good to go in one regular coat. Although the formula may not be as good as OPI but they have broad brush (I will take a pic of it to show u later)! It made application easier then others brand.


Here’s my nail art under natural lighting..  Pardon some jaggy stroke as I lost focus! =X


Here’s with my iPhone 5 flash..!

To start, apply base coat to all nails before base color.


Thumb finger: Cyber Colors Blue

Index & Middle finger: Cyber Colors White

Ring finger: Silver glitters

Little finger: Cyber Colors Yellow


We are gonna create Psy’s sunny shade on our thumb! To do this, we will need to:

  1. Use a black striper to draw a line across your nails
  2. Next, draw two letter “U” below the line
  3. Another two lines from top to connect to each end of the “U” making the sunglass ear hook. Remember to curve inwards on the top of the line
  4.  Lastly, filled the lens with black polish to complete the sunglass!


On your index finger, use a dotting tool and start dotting random colours onto your nail like above picture.


Next, use a smaller dotting tool to add white dot onto the colour dots and a striper to slice other colour dot into half. Not to worry if the lines are obvious. After a top coat, it will look better.

This is actually Hyuna’s clothes in the MV! Did I get the girl’s name correct?? I did not fill it in with numbers as the dots are TOO SMALL, excuse me! Even if I can write, I wonder if you can read! >_< haha!

Next is where I lost focus.. oh goshhh…


My middle finger shall be for Psy’s blue suite! To get this look:

  1. Apply blue polish on the side of your nail per illustrated
  2. Do the same for the other side making the white polish looks like a “V”
  3. Use a black striper again to draw two curve line to make the collar, two horizontal line as pocket and a straight line down to complete the jacket’s look
  4. For the bow, draw a “X” and join two ends with vertical line per illustrated
  5. Fill it in with black polish to complete the bow’s look

At least it still look like a suit from far. LOL..

After that we can proceed to the easiest part of the nail art…


The Silver GLITTER!! All you need to do is paint you nails silver!! I used some random nail art glitter to get this done.. Having glitter nail actually give the overall nail art a louder look but don’t over do it (ie: apply on more than one finger nail)!! It will look too exaggerated!

Little finger is a little more time consuming..


You will have to use some tape to divide your nails into a few sections per illustrated. Make sure your base color is completely dry so that you won’t be peeling the base color off when you are removing the tape.


I used Cyber Colors green polish to fill in alternate section to give it a disco light effect. Wait about 30-45 sec to peel off the tape and let it dry now. Don’t wait for too long to peel it off as it will be difficult to remove when the polish is dried.

When all is done, protect your nail art with a top coat!!!


Now who says it’s too late for some OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!? *dance*

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample Store | SaSa Singapore


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