Strangers’ Reunion.. One of the Best Waffle in Town!

The best thing that happen to me today is probably having a good waffle on a bad day!!!

Yup, after I failed to collect my passport at ICA, misplaced my student pass and nearly couldn’t register for my FIA CBE, I felt totally sucks!! Only hope that a good meal will makes me happier!!

I went to Strangers’ Reunion to meet my cousin after I so-called settled my errands. My cousin has been wanting to come try their waffle and since we’re both free today, then today shall be the day!!


This cafe is definitely hard to miss!!

You can see signage! You can see crowd! When I’m there, I had to wait about 10 mins for a table. Big groups probably got to wait longer, I guess?



(Look at the crowd!)

When my cousin arrived too, we started studying their menu looking for waffles and some brunch!


And here’s our order!!


Cappuccino ($4.90)! Nice but quite mild.


Cafe Mocha ($5.50)! Erm….. This needs improvement. One of those not-so-nice mocha I ever had.. Coffee is too dilute and choc is too little. We thought it’s because we didn’t stir that’s why we couldn’t taste much choco. Apparently after we stir……. still no sight of chocolate… 😦 oh well……..

I suppose all coffee comes with a simple “foam art” (what do you actually call this??) It’s the IN thing now to see your coffee with cute design!


Coffee done! Here comes our food! First up? Truffle Fries ($12.90)!!


TBH, nothing special. I still prefer L’toile’s Truffle Fries!

Next, Florentine ($17.90)!! It’s the smoked salmon and poached egg caught my attention!! It’s like the best combination waving at you!!

“Order me!! Order me!!”


So I did and no regrets!! This is yummy!! Salmon was spread nicely on the toast and the poach egg was just right! The toast was crispy till the last bite! The only think I don’t like is probably just the salad? It’s too raw.. Hahaha! (I’m just now a salad person)

Next up is Eggs on Toast ($10.50)

For me, it’s a little plain and the scramble egg.. hmm.. a little drier than I thought.. However, my aunt find it ok.

And now for the STAR item!!!

Buttermilk Waffle with Maple Syrup & Fresh Fruit! ($11.90)

So appetizing right!!!? I tell you! When the crew actually bring it to our table, we can already smell the great waffle fragrance that follows by!!

The first bite!? Crispy on the outside and totally soft inside!! The maple syrup and buttermilk fragrance can’t stop dancing in your mind even until now!! My goodness!! This waffle is so much better the Department of Caffeine‘s waffle!!

Did I mention? This waffle reminds me of A&W’s waffle too! Hee.. The early days A&W not what we had nowadays…

I would definitely recommend this place if you’re a waffle lover!!

Strangers’ Reunion: 33 Kampong Bahru Road Singapore 169356 (Tel:+65 6222 4869)

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 (Sun/Mon/Wed/Thu) 09:00 – 00:00 (Fri/Sat) Closed: Tue



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