Happy 2014!!!

To start my New Year, I painted my nails with a bling bling nail art!!


Yeap! This is the nail art to start my 2014!! This is inspired by Janelle (elleandish) and it’s pretty simple do! Check out her YouTube video below – scroll down further!

It feels like my nails are blooming with golden firework when the clock strikes 12am!! *poom poom poom* happy 2014!!!


(image grabbed from google!)

So how to do?


Paint your nails black, or any colors you want!! But hang on……..!! Don’t forget your base coat!! 🙂 Here, Janelle used Zoya’s Avril (seems like a dusty nude pink to me) as based color, it gives a different feeling at the end!


After that, use your gold glitter polish and dap a few drop near the cuticles area. For my case I used gold. If you like, you can follow Janelle and used a silver glitter. Red/Blue/Green glitters are all great as long as you like them!


Enough of talking! Before your glitter dries up, use a nail art brush to sweep the glitter polish downwards! This will makes it feels like they are dripping. Hmm.. or i should say like waterfall effect!?

Ok, so we done. Almost done.. to make it complete, you can actually used a gold polish (not gold glitter ya!) gentle draw a few stroke down to enhance the dripping effect. But of course, if you think just glitter is good enough, then it’s totally fine. Because I like the glitter-only effect too!

Before I seal my nail art with a top coat, I actually added a red rhinestone to my thumb and middle finger! No why, I just feel that.. Since it’s lying in my box of rhinestone, maybe I can just put them to good use. 😀

So once again, when you’re done, this is how it looks like!


My kinda New Year! I bet you already can’t wait to see Janelle’s tutorial?? Here goes….


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