Ebates Shopping!

ALOHAAA~~~ Ding-a-ling-a-ling!!! Calling out to online shoppers! There is a new shopping experience/channel available for you now!


Yes, it pays to shop online.. with EBATES! With EBATES, you can now shop EVERYWHERE in the world!!!

Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online Cash Back Shopping. They are the leading online destination for savvy shoppers interested in earning cash back on their online purchases. Currently they offer cash back at over 1500 stores including Walmart, Target, Staples, and many, many more. With Daily Doubles, thousands of coupons, and a team of bloggers keeping you up to date on the latest deals, Ebates.com is the place to go to save money on all your online shopping. Check out their Facebook Page HERE!

I mean… Since I will need to buy what I need to buy, why not do it via EBATES??

Pop Shops Pop Shops2

(click for bigger image)

Theses are just some of the more popular stores! They have a WHOLE LIST of stores for u to do your online shopping!!

The only draw back is that.. you need to have a U.S. address for some stores – they just don’t ship to Non-U.S. country (no international shipping 😦 ).. BUT BUT BUT!! Fret not! 上有政策, 下有对策 ! HOP.SHOP.GO is here to save you! Simply Register and you’ll get your U.S. address!! Now what else can stop a shopaholic from shopping!!!? HAHAHA!!

HopShopGo HopShopGo Details

So I tried my very own shopping with EBATES for the first time! I clicked on ASOS from the list of stores and was brought to this “discount details” page!

ASOS cash back!

2.5% cash back! *calculating* Every $100 spent means I get back $2.50! If I never stop buying (like I will!!) the cash back will just accumulate! That’s not all! See below!

ASOS Coupons

There are other coupon codes available! If I were to spend more than $100, I can even enter the coupon code to get direct discount and I still get my 2.5% cash back!! It’s not those “not available with other promotional discount” kinda stuff!! Cant wait anymore i hit the “Shop Now”!!

ASOS entering

And see… EBATES will create a tracking ticket to track your purchases! All you have to do now is… SHOPPING! I will not show you what I bought but I can share with you, my items will be shipped to be my U.S. address on/before 23rd Dec Monday (U.S. time)!! Once HOP.SHOP.GO got my items, I will be notified via email and item will be on the way to me!!

Just in case you thought they ship for free, NO. Shipping Rate applies! 🙂

HopShopGo Shipping Rate

If you’re just buying ONE item, I suggest you give up the cash back since it’s free international shipping (at ASOS) too! LOL! If you’re doing a massive buy or buying at stores that only provide (free)shipping to U.S. country, then make use of your U.S. address! Paying $11 to get a 2.5% cash back on an item from ASOS that cost only $20 is like… erm.. I know my maths ok!

So, enough of buy? Let me share with more how you can benefit from EBATES too!

Yes, cash rebate is one of them! Another is referral program!

ref prog

There are active users who had earn $10K! Goodness.. I’m not those aggressive person! So no worry that I will pester you to register and start buying! But if you are kind enough, you can simply click on my referral link HERE and start your shopping adventure with great saving!!


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