Shopper’s Survey!?

Online Shopping Survey

Click “Shopper’s Survey” to view PDF file! Sorry that the image wasn’t clear!

Happen to read from this magazine (called “Supply Chain”, if i didn’t remember wrongly?) in office while waiting for my contractors to come and found this survey! Very interesting facts!

Online shopping has been such common thing now even my mom is doing it! This survey was done by UPS & comScore (partnership) to find out what consumers want during their shopping experience!

Some figures that caught my attention:

  • 62% of Asian online shoppers prefer to shop with their favourite retailer online (well, who doesn’t? Even going to physical stall, you visit your favourite ones.. hmm..)
  • Nearly 8 in 10 said they have abandoned a shopping cart (I’m one of them!! hahaha!)
  • Top 3 reasons for abandonment: desire to save purchases for later, cost considerations & comparison shopping. (OMGGG.. this is sooo me! LOL)
  • 3-4 days is the average time consumers in China & Hong Kong are willing to wait to receive online purchases; while shopper in Australia and Singapore are willing to wait longer.
  • 2 in 3 shoppers review a return policy before making purchase.
  • 61% want to track packages through e-mail alerts. (I admit this is pretty helpful, Qoo10 send email alerts when my items has been shipped! They even let shopper know when the sellers are preparing for shipment!)

That’s not all! I went to explore more at and found additional facts (just 3 actually..)


Online shopping is definitely CONTAGIOUS! LOL.. I’m gonna go shopping now~~~!!



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